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Top Viral F*#kery Stories of 2015

There are so many viral stories to report on for the year, but let’s concentrate on the fuckery of some of them and how the internet blew it all up. NOTE: There will be links to click if you want to see more, but nothing embedded to play on this post. You have to choose to give…

4 Crowdfunding Projects to Check Out

We love crowdfunding. The idea of having the choice to participate in something because you like it is kind of amazing. Now I know in my experience investing in someone’s idea can be a crap shoot. I’m still waiting for some projects I helped years ago, but for the most part, I believe in crowdfunding….

On Blaming Social Media

You might have heard about it already, Australian Instagram teen model Essena O’Neill decided to “quit” social media and be an activist for being real on, well, the internet. She made a long video (almost 18 minutes) and edited her Instagram with “truths” about how fake they were. To be honest, I can’t sit through almost…