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My Top KDRAMA Shows of 2015 Part 1

I’m really bad at watching kdrama shows. I would venture to say I have dropped a lot of them this year. I even made a post about my disappointments for the year. The ones I have kept up with I really really liked. Here’s my first half, the bottom, of my Top KDRAMA Shows of…

Top Viral F*#kery Stories of 2015

There are so many viral stories to report on for the year, but let’s concentrate on the fuckery of some of them and how the internet blew it all up. NOTE: There will be links to click if you want to see more, but nothing embedded to play on this post. You have to choose to give…

My Top Korean Drama Comebacks of 2015

A comeback to the Korean drama world is something that happens quite often with men because of the mandatory military service, but more often than not, actors and actresses take time off from the tube and head to the big screen. Still, when they come back to the little screen, it is a big deal….