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REVIEW: “Remember You (나를 잊지 말아요)” Tragically Recalls Another Life

In her first feature length film, director ​Lee Yoon-Jung transforms her short movie of the same name into a tale of romance and loss. Remember You (also known as Don’t Forget Me) stars Jung Woo Sung as Seok-won and in her first film in about 5 years, Kim Ha Neul as Jin-young. We open with Seok-won in a police station submitting his own…

My Top KDRAMA Actresses of 2015

I loved so many actresses that it was kind of hard to keep up with all of them. What I found was that I discovered some veteran ones and the ones I have always liked may have just gotten better. Here’s my list of top KDRAMA actresses in 2015. NOTE: Post in progress. Choi Ji…