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David Alegre aka Scrotumnose

If you don’t know who David Alegre is you may know him by his user handle Scrotumnose. When I’ve mentioned his name in the past to friends they usually know him from the Pixel Art ID craze started by him and his friends (robotnicc & fayren) that swept Deviantart back in 2007. I, on the other hand, had known of…

Successful Women Take Center Stage in New Series, Alpha Girls

Art. Fashion. Music. All things that we love here at KandyKandy! Which is why we’re excited to bring the news of Mnet America‘s new show Alpha Girls that features four Asian and Asian American women thriving in their industries! Alpha Girls features the likes of Mina Kwon (artist, illustrator, graphic designer), TOKiMONSTA (DJ/producer), Soo Joo Park (fashion…