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KCON Artist Lineup Wishlist

KCON tickets go on sale next week and everyone is biting their nails waiting for the final KCON artist lineup to be announced, including us! The lineup is pretty solid so far with Girls’ Generation, BTS, CNBLUE, IU and one of our favorites VIXX. We have some people that we’re keeping our fingers crossed for. Now let’s break…

KANDY Q&A: Korean Band SmackSoft

SmackSoft is a Korean rock band that debuted in the early 2000’s and continue to be one of Korea’s most widely recognized for their hybrid sound of post-punk, rock, and electronica music. Hot off the heels of their show at this year’s SXSW in Texas, and just in time for their Seoulsonic/CAAMFest show, SmackSoft’s head woman Bo Ryung…

KANDY Q&A: Korean Band Crying Nut 크라잉 넛

Crying Nut 크라잉 넛 is a 5 piece punk band that started out in 1990s and continues going strong today. They recently finished some gigs in Texas, including SXSW. In the midst of those shows and maybe some drinks, Sangmyun Lee 이상면 (guitar) and Insoo Kim 김인수 (accordion/keyboard) answered a few questions for us. KandyKandy: Seeing that…