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Tis the Season for KPOP Holiday Songs

I’m in a Thanksgiving food coma of epic proportions and already I am singing not just regular holiday songs, but KPOP holiday songs. Sure the classic *NSYNC Home for Christmas will definitely get the most play of all the music, but here are some of my KPOP favorites AND a YouTube playlist that will be updated as new songs…

You Should Listen to These KPOP Collabs

In the land of KPOP, I think they almost make doing collaborations and features on purpose so that they can never perform them live except for special events. I also think it is a residual effect of all the popular western collabs. It makes sense, pair up two popular acts and you have chart gold…

Photos from Block B in SF

I had the opportunity to see the San Francisco stop of the 2015 BLOCK B US TOUR “BLOCKBUSTER”! It was a pretty good show. It was my first time seeing a smaller KPOP show in the Bay Area and it was definitely different than all the shows I’ve seen in Los Angeles. I’ll explain a little bit…