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Successful Women Take Center Stage in New Series, Alpha Girls

Art. Fashion. Music. All things that we love here at KandyKandy! Which is why we’re excited to bring the news of Mnet America‘s new show Alpha Girls that features four Asian and Asian American women thriving in their industries! Alpha Girls features the likes of Mina Kwon (artist, illustrator, graphic designer), TOKiMONSTA (DJ/producer), Soo Joo Park (fashion…

Teri’s 2014 Resolutions

Yes, it’s another 2014 resolutions post! 2013 was kind of a whirl wind for me. I was uprooted from San Francisco around August after having lived there for nearly 8 years, and moved back to my hometown of San Jose. As a result I’ve spent more time in Los Angeles since San Jose makes me…

TOP 5: Teri’s Favorite Music Videos of 2013

After revisiting my playlists of 2013 it’s glaringly obvious I mostly follow Korean artists. I’ll spice up my music choices for next year, but in the meantime, enjoy my favorite music videos of 2013! “Sweet Dream” – MFBTY It’s unfortunate the Korean media hasn’t really covered the efforts put forth by MFBTY (My Fans Better…