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Let’s Make 12 Techie Resolutions!

Yes, twelve! I know a lot of them get broken over the course of the first few days of the month. Let’s be real, resolutions are just nice little promises that are made to be broken. I have found throughout the years that monthly ones get me the best results. So here are 12 techie-ish…

My Top KDRAMA Actresses of 2015

I loved so many actresses that it was kind of hard to keep up with all of them. What I found was that I discovered some veteran ones and the ones I have always liked may have just gotten better. Here’s my list of top KDRAMA actresses in 2015. NOTE: Post in progress. Choi Ji…

My Top KDRAMA Shows of 2015 Part 1

I’m really bad at watching kdrama shows. I would venture to say I have dropped a lot of them this year. I even made a post about my disappointments for the year. The ones I have kept up with I really really liked. Here’s my first half, the bottom, of my Top KDRAMA Shows of…