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Today We Give You Some Cute Viral Animal Videos

It’s been a rough start to the new year. So here are some cute animal videos. Some oldies. All goodies. Views are approximate from today. Sophie Rolls Down a Hill – English Bulldog Puppy 4.5 million views Many too small boxes and Maru. 14 million Baby elephant sneezes and scares himself. 17.4 million Pygmy Hippo baby makes…

REVIEW: “Remember You (나를 잊지 말아요)” Tragically Recalls Another Life

In her first feature length film, director ​Lee Yoon-Jung transforms her short movie of the same name into a tale of romance and loss. Remember You (also known as Don’t Forget Me) stars Jung Woo Sung as Seok-won and in her first film in about 5 years, Kim Ha Neul as Jin-young. We open with Seok-won in a police station submitting his own…

WTF is Up with Electronics for Women at CES?

While I was hanging out with my friends this weekend we started discussing the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the electronics that were targeted towards women. Finding articles about these products were few and far between. Some were sort of lumped into odd lists and what not. Others were just about one product and…