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Cheryl’s Top KPOP Singles of 2016 – The Men

End of the year and we’re back with some lists because it’s the easiest way to churn out posts! Just kidding! Or not. It’s just fun to look back on the year and talk about the singles we enjoyed in KPOP. The men is always the easiest list for us and for me, they did not disappoint. I should clarify SM Entertainment did not disappoint because the first draft of this list was all SM artists.

Then I woke the fuck up and remembered other guys. Let’s do this!

SHINee “1 of 1” October
SHINee is one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time. When I first started to get into KPOP, “Lucifer” came out and there was the iconic posts on Omona and I knew I was IN. Years later, I am still excited for everything that they do (solos, variety shows, dramas) and this comeback was amazing for my 80s/90s nostalgia heart. The music and styling takes bits of Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition, NSYNC, Color Me Badd & more and does it not only respectfully, but with just a little hint of what makes SHINee, SHINee.

EXO “Monster” June
EXO‘s music had quite a year with solos, collabs & a new sub unit, but their group work remains my favorite. The choreo for this single was “leaked” beforehand and they did this criss cross move that I just loved. It’s a simple move, but they executed it well. Let’s face it, a lot of people can do things, but do it badly. EXO doesn’t. For all the individuality the group has, they always seem to come together when it counts. No matter how extra they can be (see their V app stuff).

NCT U “The 7th Sense” April
With some incredible choreography from the s**t kingz, SM introduced us to the machine of NCT. It’s an interesting concept group that is like a revolving door of members and subunits. I’m still not 100% on the idea, but from a marketing standpoint, it is pretty fascinating and I love that. The teasers and the MV for this single were visually great and even though it’s some basic video editing, they make it look sharp. So sharp, I almost forget some of the messed up outfits they wore.

MINO “Body” September
Amidst all the fucked up fuckery going on at YG, we were gifted Mino doing a song that made me forget that phase where I liked Bobby more than him. Forgive me, you guys. I was wrong.  The sub-unit with him and Bobby was alright, but this song (heh) got me and got me good. Yes, I know now. Yes, I will accept Mino into my life besides how I feel about YG.

TAEMIN “Press Your Number” February
Lordt, SHINee kills me and Taemin did it AGAIN. Yes, I am still waiting for Onew to do at least a mini, but as long as the guys do songs, I will be entertained in the meantime. This comeback happened after a trip to Los Angeles where Taemin spent some time there for this mini. I went to one of my regular spots and the staff told me he was there a few days before. Why do I keep missing my faves? One day. ONE DAY.

DΞΔN x CRUSH x JEFF BERNAT “what2do” January
I like Dean, but not nearly like some of the people I know. I will say this, we got to see him at KCON this year and he might be young, but he’s a daddy. He reeked of a little bit of sensuality and hot fuck. Yes, I said that. ANYWAY. Of all the songs he did this year, I loved this one the most. And not because Crush was in it, too. It’s a dreamy, but solemn single and the video reflects that.

MONSTA X “All In” May
I got into Monsta X in a weird way. I just never caught on until I decided to listen to their discography in preparation for KCON this year. I remembered them the year before with that amazing dance stage with GOT7 and was impressed, but not nearly enough to pay attention. Then this year came and I fell into that hole. Also, I’m more into them musically because I barely know their names and what they look like, yet I have all their albums. (Yes, I know what Shownu & Wonho look like.)

Honorable Mentions (Because Why Not?)

LAY “Monodrama” May
SM’s STATION has put out a ton of songs from their artists and collabs from people outside their company. It’s been a wonderful outlet for music in Korea. This song was co-written by Lay with his lyrics and it’s a gorgeous and moody piece that I simply adored. A funny note, I bought it so fast on iTunes, that I didn’t even bother listening to it first. I’ve always been confident in Lay’s talent. He’s shown it off more than once and I really love having that feeling.

I’m angry that this just came out and I love it. I’m not a Seventeen fan. Actually, I just don’t pay attention to a lot of new bands. Seventeen is fun though and I get why they are popular. I might be a little bitter that they basically took over the glory the NU’EST potentially had, but this song is fun and I tend to gravitate to songs with BOOM in the title. I will freely admit that.

BTS “Blood, Sweat & Tears” October
Again, not an ARMY, but I respect this band quite a bit. Their recent album has been in rotation on my iPod and this single is a favorite. Can I just say it makes my hips rotate and booty shake and I don’t know if that was their intention, but it happens. Coupled with an MV that’s all over the place and confuses me, but somehow works, I fux with it.

GOT7 “Fly” March
My friend & I got to see GOT7’s first show of their Fly Tour in Seoul and it was fanstatic. It was right after all their Fly promotions and we were feeling quite a certain way about them. Why are they only mentions on this list? Mainly because I’m probably going to gush about them more in a future end of year post and I don’t want to be inundate y’all with GOT7GOT7GOT7GOT7GOT7GOT7GOT7.

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What singles stayed on your playlist this year? Tell me on Twitter @cherylfornia or comment below.

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