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LISTEN: DramaKandy Episode 3 – It’s a KandyKandy Takeover!

Yes, the DramaKandy podcast is in its infancy and already India (DramaDebussie) decided to go on vacation and leave me to handle the 3rd one. All was not lost, I convinced my (blog) partner in crime to join in and it wasn’t that bad.

The only thing horrible was that my main computer decided to have a HDD cable failure and I pulled out my old one to edit this episode. That was fine and all, but that computer’s OS was so old that trying to get the files proved to be a challenge.

Let’s stop talking about that. This is what we chatted about:

  • Teri talks about Teri. We eventually talk about us.
  • My obsession with Doctors continues. It’s cheesy. Ji Soo’s is adorable.
  • Uncontrollably Fond took a melodramatic turn and I invite this fuckery into my life.
  • I’m taking forever to watch Lucky Romance. Lee Soo Hyuk is a trap.
  • Taecyeon kissed Kim So Hyun accidentally in Let’s Fight Ghost and I hate it, but I like them.
  • Pokemon Go is everything. TEAM INSTINCT FOR LIFE.
  • So much My Sassy Girl stuff.
  • KPOP groups on social media
  • FTISLAND’s new album.
  • WTF is this fusion food shit Korea?
  • The struggle of old school kdrama fans. IT IS REAL.
  • Victoria of f(x) is in a Chinese drama, Ice Fantasy on Dramafever. Will I watch it?  KhunToria forever!
  • My Lovely Samsoon. Enough said.
  • KCON stuff and memories.
  • Did we mention FTISLAND?
  • Ignore the cars in the background of the audio. Haha!
  • GOT7 and their friends’ fuckery. Bottom line: STOP THE N WORD

…and more!

Listen to the whole ep! Coming to iTunes soon!

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