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LISTEN: DramaKandy Episode 2 – It’s Cheryl’s Birthday!

Welcome to a very special – over 2 hours! – episode of DramaKandy! India (DramaDebussie) and I actually recorded over 3 hours, but we edited for time and well, relevance, because we were drinking wine and went off on a serious tangent. Nevertheless, we talked about a lot of things, it was my birthday, so I chose them!

First off, we had wine. Second, this was my first time editing, so I apologize for some of the sound issues. It is a little low, so be careful when you wear headphones.

My topics for this podcast included:

  • Uncontrollably Fond is NOT that bad and the actdog is amazing.
  • Is India done with Doctors?
  • Will Cheryl be able to handle both Fond and Doctors? (Short answer, yes.)
  • Did we crush on our teachers?
  • We will never get over Queen In Hyun’s Man.
  • Will Taecyeon just do a drama we want to watch?
  • Sequels suck.
  • Just get in the army already Junsu! CYJ FOREVER!
  • OSTs are awesome. Therefore Nell is awesome for doing one.
  • Scandals. Scandals. Scandals.
  • Se7en is back. Half of us like it. Half like his lips.
  • Wine times.
  • Fried chicken lives matter.
  • The hallyu community (we love For Fans From Fans, follow them!)
  • GOT7 and Bam Bam is problematic. WHY YOU HAVE TO BE SEXUAL IN AMERICA?
  • Kdrama streaming. I like it LEGAL, okay?
  • Ji Hyun Woo talk AGAIN.
  • ZAYN and his tattoos.
  • I talk about a Buffy moment.
  • SHINee & Justin Trudeau! Tablo on Snapchat! Wonder Girls & Taeyeon’s new singles!
  • Cheryl gets overly emotional and loves India.

Listen to the whole ep! Coming to iTunes soon!

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