What Exercises I Do When I Don’t Workout

Trying to get some exercise in when I’m lazy or exhausted is pretty hard. I make it a personal goal to do 2 walks a week that are about 2-3 miles minimum. With the weather getting nicer, this is a lot easier to do. I will walk to work a few days a week and that’s a little over 3 miles one way. Another thing is doing a hike a few times a month. Still, I find that it isn’t always enough, so here are 3 quick exercises I do when I have a few minutes to spare.

  1. SQUATS – By far, my favorite. I do 25-50+ of them daily 5 times a week. How? I do it while brushing my teeth in the bathroom. It’s about 2-3 minutes, which fits in perfectly with a good brushing. If I’m tired at night, I’ll do 2 sets of 10 reps with a 10 rep pulsing squat. I’m obsessed.
  2. KETTLEBELL – I have 3 of them, but I use the smallest one the most because I can get a few sets of 25+ reps in for an arm workout. I usually do a combo of bicep & tricep exercises. Some days I’ll do one to change it up so I don’t get too sore.
  3. EXERCISE BALL – How can you not have one of these in your house? It’s so easy to get a quick abdominal workout in. I will also play with my goddaughter by bouncing her on the all and trying to keep her balanced. It’s another way to work on your core and keep a kid entertained.

Honestly, when people say they do not have time, they better have a kid or two and a job. These exercises only take a few minutes a day. You can spare that.


Any quick workouts you like?

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