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5 Women in Tech & Media You Should Check Out

I’m being totally cliche with International Women’s Day and all, but issues concerning us is something we think about all the time. If there’s a day to highlight it all, so be it and with that said, here’s 5 Women in Tech & Media you should check out.

Reshma Saujani – Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code
I found out about Girls Who Code about when it first started in 2012. Reshma created the organization when she was campaigning for congress and noticed the lack of girls in computer science classrooms. Today GWC has over 150 clubs in America. They run programs and trips to assist girls in learning and enjoying computer science. Now, how awesome is that?

Gala Darling – Author, teacher, and speaker | website
Gala is about Radical Self LoveIt’s more than self confidence and esteem, it’s about loving yourself and believing you are amazing. Yes, it is easier said than done, but as I work on it myself, I totally enjoy reading Gala’s words and what she shares. It’s like having a friend that believes in you ALL the time. She turned her words and actions into a career. So don’t be surprised that she packages her services and promotes her books, she still says enough on her Facebook to be someone to follow.

LOUISAHHH!!! – DJ and runner | SoundCloud
I saw Louisa Pillot a few years ago for a record release party in downtown Los Angeles. The venue was a bit empty, but she played for a long time and I ate it up. One of the best DJs I had heard in years and she kept up big time with her male cohorts at Bromance Records (Brodinski, Gesaffelstein & Maelstrom, etc.). I’ve seen people not know who she is and then suddenly become enamored with her. Also, she’s an avid runner and I love her social media posts mixed in with photos of dogs, memes and herself. She’s just rad.

Jackie Aina – beauty guru & UN Change Ambassador | YouTube
Let’s be real, I love Jackie. She’s a favorite beauty guru, but she’s so much more than that. She recently hit 700K subscribers on YouTube and she’s funny on Snapchat AND pretty engaging on Twitter. I don’t know how she balances it all and if she doesn’t, she does an amazing job of hiding it. It’s not surprising she’s now a Change Ambassador. I love her! #OwnYourVoice

The Coquette – Accidental guru. Pseudonymous figment.| Twitter
Back when Tumblr was cooler, there was the Coke Talk blog. It had sass. It has truths. It was great. Jump to 2015 and it’s gone, but The Coquette lives on! I’m glad she is still going. Her sharp wit and fun-sized advice is everything. Plus, I don’t want to know an award or election season without her.

Check out their work, causes and voices. It’s worth just a moment of your time.

Who do you admire? Tell me below or on Twitter @cherylfornia

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