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KPOP Obviously Doesn’t Know How to Plan in the USA

I’ve always wondered why some KPOP companies want to come to the USA (or rather, Western Hemisphere) and when they do there’s three things over and over that they manage to make fans angry about:

  • ticketing
  • cities
  • scheduling

Today I’ll be talking about scheduling and the fuckery that has become the USA KPOP calendar of April 2016.

The beauty of Western fans is that we are usually not single group fans that are pretty common in South Korea. We like a bunch of groups and artists because we don’t have a chance to see them as much and with the little engagement we can get, this is how we meet and bond with other fans. We have seen each other at concerts, events and even dinners after. It’s a thing.

For some horrible reason, some Korean music companies and promoters have picked April to bring not one, not two, not three, but four artist events. Let’s take a look:

April 14th – 27th with 8 concerts

April 13th – 17th with 3 fan meets

AOMG featuring Jay Park, Simon Dominic, DJ Pumkin & Gray
April 5th – 17th with 8 concerts

Teen Top
April 2nd – 10th with 4 concerts

For the San Francisco Bay Area, here’s hoping the majority of fans do not like B.A.P (14th), DAY6 (15th) AND AOMG (16th). There will be some sad people who can’t afford to see all their favorites and possibly empty venues.

That’s what sucks about this whole thing. I imagine as an artist, one of the shittier things to see is a venue not filled to capacity because of poor pricing and planning. Sometimes it is not the fault of the promoters. They are usually privy to the demands of the music companies. Other times, it just seems like no one wants to talk to each other.

Who to choose?

For myself, I’m totally looking forward to AOMG. I have seen most of their artists over the past few years and they do not disappoint. I’d also love to check out Day6. Recent scandal aside, their music is more in the pop rock genre and I have to admit, seeing a full band is so much fun.

If I had to steer indecisive fans in a direction, I’d tell them to wait until May for the Korea Times Music Festival. It’s one of the more fun and all around great events spanning several genres. Also, it seems GOT7 will be making their way to the USA.

If you’re ambitious enough, save your money and just travel to South Korea!

Who will you see and why? Tell me about it below or tweet @cherylfornia

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