So You Want to Meal Prep

When I first decided to start planning meal prep foods, I only looked as far as Instagram. A few guys I follow would occasionally post their menu with a photo of their perfect meals (#mealprepjayromel) and I thought it would be a great idea to do the same. [Quick plug, my IG meal prep hashtag is #CCmealprep.]

I had that thought over a year ago and did nothing until January 2016. Yes, that recent.

What brought this about? Well, I was really sick of feeling so lethargic and with a little elimination, figured out it was what I was eating. In Southern California, I barely ate bread and cheese. After moving to Northern California, it became a steady addition in my diet. I didn’t put two and two together for a little while, but because I was in a funk, I just didn’t care. I was content in being fed. I should have been content on being healthy.

Jump to New Years 2016. New beginnings and a renewed sense of getting my shit together. I figured out that meal prepping can be time consuming, but only the day you do it. I plan pretty simple meals, but I needed to start somewhere.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]The Containers[/typography]

Rubbermaid Take Alongs

I use Rubbermaid Take Alongs with 2 Compartments (Amazon). I got them for a great price, but it does vary from time to time. You just need rectangle containers and if you can have a divider in them, even better!

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]The Prep[/typography]


In the small compartment I usually have protein and carbs. I cook those first, so they can cool down before assembling the meals, but the first thing I put in is raw veggies. Easy to separate and get ready. It gets them out of the way faster.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]The Cooking[/typography]

Protein Prep

As I said, I cook the protein and carbs first. My go to carb is brown rice. My proteins fluctuate between chicken and turkey. I really like poultry, so this works out for me. In today’s prep, I did ground turkey with tomatoes and shallots. I love this with rice. My other veggies were steamed green beans seasoned with sea salt and blanched spinach finished with sesame oil and soy sauce.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]The Finish[/typography]

Meal Prep

I don’t accurately measure everything. I feel like that is too stressful. I simply scoop or separate the foods in a clockwise manner, making sure I keep up with multiples of 6. When I calculate calories, it’s a ballpark amount. Most of my meals are 350-400 calories and it feels like a good medium for me.

This prep took about 2 hours. It can actually be done in less time, but I was distracted by life and the internet.

[highlight]Done reading? Now do 2 sets of 50 squats! Feel the burn![/highlight]

How do you prep meals? Send me links, tell me below or tweet me @cherylfornia!

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