My 5 Favorite Beauty Gurus on YouTube

I’m going to tell you my top 5 favorite beauty gurus on Youtube.

Now it’s not like I’m totally into beauty products. I personally just like to be knowledgeable about them and gurus have been pretty significant in finding information about it all. Also, there is no denying their presence in social media and content creation. Some have evolved into vloggers. Some are honest. Some are funny. Some are super engaged in social media. It seems all I like are also doing what they love.

Jackie Aina 693K subscribers
I love Jackie. As a WOC, I struggled to find someone with similar skin issues as mine. Jackie is darker than I am, but her skin is similar to mine and I have learned SO much about foundations from her. I cannot begin to explain how good she is when it comes to using colors all across the board. She’s also extremely honest and funny. She feels like a friend. Or as close to a friend on the internet can be.

Tati 1.2M subscribers
Jackie Aina made me subscribe to Tati. That’s all you need to know. Tati is also another funny woman. Even her husband is funny. I think the best part of her channel is the wide price range of beauty products she tests out. I love her drugstore hauls. I love her WTF? high end reviews. I love her. Also, she reviews products over the course of a day which shows longevity and dedication to her passion for makeup.

EmilyNoel83 788K subscribers
I’ve watched Emily for years. YEARS. She was a reporter (hence the name Beauty Broadcast) at first, doing YouTube on the side. Then she quit TV and became a full time YouTuber. It’s so great seeing her continue doing this and grow her family. Her daughter is SO cute and I still rewatch TyDay Friday reviews with her husband because they are so good together.

SSIN 882K subscribers
I think most people find SSIN through her KPOP tutorials, but I actually discovered SSIN randomly while looking for other beauty gurus. The video had some sarcastic comments about brands and right then and there I knew I had to subscribe. The KPOP videos are great, too. I really like how fully aware she is about makeup and she’s just so hilarious, too.

Liah Yoo 119K subscribers
She’s so cute! I discovered Liah through SSIN and their dynamic was hilarious. She’s honest and so nice. As an English speaker, she was probably one of the first YouTubers to really spread the reviews years ago of BB creams and cushion foundations that we have only seen recently (especially with cushions) here in the U.S. Amazing to see some of the beauty trends today influence by vloggers like her. I love it.

NOTE: subscribers approximate as of February 23, 2016.

Do you have a favorite beauty guru? Tell me below or on Twitter @cherylfornia

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