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A KPOP Idol and a Beauty Guru Make a Fun Video

I’m a huge fan of beauty gurus on YouTube, but it is not very often you see one with a KPOP idol. Sure SSIN does amazing tutorials with KPOP. Same with Sunny. For international fans, these are great to watch, but what if a guru and an idol did a video together?

Well, Aussie guru Wengie and her long time friend (and fellow Aussie), now idol, Prince Mak of JJCC got together to film a really fun Q&A with a Valentine’s theme.

We find out:

  • his current type of girl
  • how they became friends
  • the restrictions of dating
  • would he date a fan
  • how he drives
  • and more!

All in all, it’s a fun watch, even if it is for over 17 minutes! If you follow Prince Mak on SNS, you know he’s pretty engaged in it and his personality certainly shows. I think that’s a huge appeal for a KPOP idol to do that on SNS. I also think it’s cute that Wengie will not watch Korean dramas “’cause I want a life!”

I really wished more English speaking idols collabed on videos. Seems like a great content medium to connect with fans. I also hope Prince Mak finally updates his YouTube like Wengie says he will. Why not?

Check out Prince Mak & JJCC here!
YouTube: Prince MakJJCC
Instagram: Prince Mak
Facebook: Prince Mak | JJCC
Twitter: Prince MakJJCC

…And Wengie here!
YouTube: Wengie
Instagram: misswen
Twitter: @wengie
Snapchat: wengie
Official Site: http://www.wengie.com

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