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New KDRAMAS Alert: “Page Turner” & “Vampire Detective”

So here’s a few kdramas – one a mini and another supernatural – that I just recently found out about. Nevermind that they star two of my favorite young actors. Just be happy I am telling you now so you can bookmark them for the future!

Page Turner 페이지 터너
Genre: Drama, music
Episodes: 3
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: TBD March 2016

Kim So Hyun
Ji Soo
Shin Jae Ha

Well, I (and probably everyone else who knows him) have been pining for Ji Soo to get a lead role, but in what I kind of consider a “too safe” move, he’s doing it in a mini drama. This isn’t too terribly bad, since one of my favorites mini dramas recently was Splish Splash Love starring Yoon Doo Joon (which also just recently repeated on a network due to its popularity). It might just work with the right timing and writers (one has given us Pinocchio and I Hear Your Voice).

The main story revolves around Kim So Hyun’s character, a young pianist who is pressured to excel by her parent, only to have an accident that questions her future. Ji Soo plays an athlete who has an injury and must come to terms that his dream is over. These students cross paths and in doing so, find each other. Let’s face it, these angsty roles should be perfect for Ji Soo and So Hyun.
Watch Page Turner on TBA.

The Vampire Detective 뱀파이어 탐정
Genre: Fantasy, mystery
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2016-Mar-27 to 2016-???-??

Lee Joon as Yoon San
Oh Jung Se as Yong Goo Hyung
Lee Se Young as Han Gyeo Wool

Oh wow, I kind of love this. It has Lee Joon, of course, but I totally loved Oh Jung Se in the wonderfully cheeky and mature drama The Lover (watch on VIKI). Also, if the teaser & intro vids are any indication of the cast chemistry, Lee Se Young is going to be a fun one to watch.

I was doing a little reading on this and someone said that the premise is similar to the old CBS show Moonlight. Please, if it is similar, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a good ending. That’s all I ask. That being said, the story is basically about a young detective who becomes a vampire and starts helping “special” clients all the while finding out more about how he came to be. I’m so ready for this. Can it be March already?
Watch The Vampire Detective on TBA.

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