Underrated KPOP Groups Part 1

I have to admit my love for KPOP has a limited spectrum. If I like something, I just stay there. Content. This probably explains why I have some concentrated group songs with several hundred plays. Then I thought, why not make a playlist of some underrated KPOP groups. I need to branch out a little and I know a like a few here and there. I asked around my social networks and here’s the first playlist. Enjoy!

Madtown “OMGT” November 2015 | Est. 2014
Admittedly I have a Lemona taste in my mouth because of J. TUNE Camp and some reasons, but I’m willing to forego them for this fun band. And Jota. A lot of Jota.

Snuper “Shall We Dance” November 2015 | Est. 2015
These guys are so pretty. If I was a little more vain, I would just follow them on SNS and forget about their music, but song is great. It’s poppy and bright. I’m a sucker for that.

Cross Gene “La-Di Da-Di” June 2012 | Est. 2012
I kept an eye on these guys because Shin did some acting and if you read some of my OhKDRAMA posts, I have a thing for idol actors. Also, the sitting choreo is kind of awesome.

HOTSHOT “Take A Shot” October 2014 | Est. 2014
I once added this to a playlist at work. My co-worker and I would ask each other who this was almost every time we heard it. I have no idea why we kept forgetting, but we loved it.

Fiestar “One More” July 2014 | Est. 2012
Usually I’m not a big fan of girl groups. The thing I like about Fiestar is that they have a pretty steady streak of cheeky or more mature concepts without being too cookie cutter or try hard.

Purfles “1, 2, 3” October 2014 | Est. 2014
This is a trio, which is not very common in KPOP. This is also a group with really really good vocalists. I mean, no wonder they are a trio, any more members and it would be too much. 

FlaShe “Lip Bomb” January 2016 | Est. 2012
This song is infectious and I hate myself for going around my house saying “Lip Bomb,” but I guess it works. It’s simple, but I can dig it. And buy more lipsticks.

DAL Shabet “Someone Like U” January 2016 | Est. 2011
One of the more veteran groups on this list. This song is the first single after 2 members left in December. It takes a great 80s pop sample and turns it into something equally great.

Boys Republic “The Real One” November 2014 | Est. 2013
After watching this MV, I get why some fans are into them. For me, I like the song. It’s got that big horn section sound that fills the chorus, but doesn’t drown out the vocals.

Mr.Mr “Do You Feel Me” October 2013 | Est. 2012
This is a song you can just fall in love with. Like really in love. It’s no “Hold On We’re Going Home” or “She Is,” but it is dreamy and, well, lovely. Just listen to it.


What are your favorite underrated bands? Tell me about it below or tweet @cherylfornia

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