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REVIEW: Yim Siwan Shines in “A Melody to Remember (오빠생각)”

So, this isn’t a review. I just wanted to tell you about Yim Siwan and his latest film, A Melody to Remember. It’s a great move for him to take on a leading role that has both drama and music. They are two things his career is based on and until now, he has kept them pretty separate.

Most people discovered Siwan through the outstanding office drama, MisaengThat role catapulted him into the mainstream. It wasn’t hard, he’s been on everyone’s radar for a while. For me, I absolutely adored him against Kim Jaejoong in the drama Triangle (2014) and honestly, seeing him as a lead in a movie is both delightful and not surprising.

As an idol, he is a part of a small contingent of them breaking the low expectations of “idol actors.” I know most people don’t know about ZE:A, but honestly, they are a good KPOP group. Maybe not marketed well, but there’s no denying that they have some talent. I mean, he is in the band with Park Hyung-sik, too! He’s one of my new favorites. Maybe because they are in ZE:A, the acting stuff rubs off. Please continue to do so, because I love both of these guys.

This movie also stars another one of my favorites of 2015, Go Ah Sung. She’s such a subtle actress and absolutely delivers with all her characters. In this, she plays caretaker of children in which she assists in creating a choir. She was just stunning in the drama Heard It Through the Grapevine and brilliantly flawed in 2013 feature film Snowpiercer

If you have the chance to catch this, please do so. It’s not often you get to see young actors command a film that not filled with humor, much less ones that see young adults connect with kids in a non parental way.

CJ Entertainment, Asia’s leading studio and signature film division of major media and content company CJ E&M, is releasing the South Korean war drama, “A Melody to Remember” on January 29 at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles and nationwide on February 5. The film is directed by Lee Han (“Punch,” “Thread of Lies”), and stars three of Korean cinema’s brightest young stars, Yim Siwan, Go Ah Sung, Lee Hee-Jun, and child actors Jung Joon-won, and Lee Re.

In “A Melody to Remember,” Second Lieutenant Han Sang-Yeol (Yim Siwan) is a platoon leader during the Korean War. After losing his family, he is assigned to a new base where he meets other war-orphans who carry the same pain he does. With the help of Ju-mi (Go Ah Sung), the base’s caretaker, Han decides to create a choir with orphans to protect them.

The choir provided entertainment to the soldiers on battlefields and hospitals during the Korean War. After the ceasefire, they toured Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe in the ‘60s. This film is based on this real life choir, and the filmmakers took extra efforts to cast over 30 child actors who knew how to act and sing. They also worked with music composer Lee Jae-jin in selecting the right songs that fit the tone of the film.

[box]A Melody to Remember is currently at the top of the Korean box office [January 29, 2016], attracting over 70,000 in admissions to date, with The Revenant and Big Short behind it. The film will be released in 13 major locations in North America including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto.[/box]

Main Cast
Yim Siwan as Han Sang-Yeol
Go Ah Sung as Ju-mi
Lee Hee-Joon – Galgori (“Hook”)
Jung Joon-Won – Dong-Goo
Lee Re – Soon-Yi

Director: Lee Han
Release Date: January 29th 2016 [Los Angeles @ CGV Cinemas] | February 5, 2016 [Nationwide]
Production: Joy Rabbit
Running Time: 124 MinutesNot rated, but possibly a hard PG13 for scenes of war/violence

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