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Twitter is OVER (So Says the Tech Industry)

I love Twitter. I use it often. Every time I am online I see Facebook talking about a hashtag that is trending on Twitter. You know and I know that it is not trending on Facebook.

Current news in tech is talking about all the crazyballs shit going on at Twitter. Is it sustainable? What’s going on with the execs leaving? Jack tweeted.

Now I have glanced over these articles and have come up with a few things:

I heard rumors of extending the characters of a tweet.

How about NO?

Now that right there is very MySpace. Let’s change the very core of the site and hope it sticks. MySpace pretty much had it all, but way too early. Video? MySpace. Messaging? MySpace. Email? MySpace. The public wasn’t ready for it and the company wasn’t ready to be rejected. Some might blame News Corp’s ownership, but in the end, it was too much, too soon.

What can Twitter do? They can stop trying to be something more and concentrate on marketing tactics that foster conversation. Encourage the public speaker. Be civil and a tool for people. They can also let Instagram posts preview. Who is with me on that?

I have several Twitter accounts for certain things. This blog’s Twitter I use for our posts, engagement, and retweeting stuff I like (Teri gets in on it, too). I have my own that I rebranded fresh and I use that for specific engagement and retweets. Another is just synced to a Tumblr. I cannot see trying to have an engaging conversation without Twitter. Sure Instagram can do that, but have you see how crazy the commenting can get there? That’s too hard to manage and one day when it can be, it will be glorious, but we’re not talking about them.

Is Twitter over? No. Not really. They just need to step back and listen to users. They will be fine.

If not, I guess I can just text my friends. There’s not a lot of fun in that, though.

Do you think Twitter is over? Tell me below or tweet @cherylfornia

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