KPOP Rut continues… Part 2

So as you’ve heard from last week’s KPOPmaps we’re kind of in a KPOP rut (part 1 was Cheryl’s list). Nothing lately has been catching our attention so we tend to fall back on songs that we love and what initially started us down that glorious KPOP road. Cheryl got into KPOP around 2010 but I’ve been in and out of the KPOP scene since late 2003-early 2004. So on that note, leggo!

Clazziquai Project “Sweety” May 2004
Because of this song I will forever spell “Sweety” with a “y” instead of with an “ie.” I was obsessed with this video! The concept is so charming with two nerdy cuties trying to find the other one with the help of a tiny flying pig. This song also lead me to their song “She Is featured in the kdrama My Name Is Kim Samsoon~

Jaurim “하하하쏭 (Ha Ha Ha Song)”*  October 2004
I stumbled upon this song when a random channel was doing a Korean music video countdown. The guitar melody in the opening intrigued me and then everything just flipped on it’s head when the chorus picked up. Not a lot of videos feature a band jamming out in a smile face wrestling ring while a crowd wails on each other.

Shinhwa “Brand New” August 2004
My first Shinhwa song was technically “Wild Eyes but I’ve already gushed over that song on a previous KPOPmaps. “Brand New” is definitely my favorite! When I think of Shinhwa, this is it. It’s intense, with a great hook and they were experimenting with camera techniques that you see in some twenty-teen MVs.

Nell “Thank You”* November 2004
Sweet Shisus, I love Nell. They’re one of my go to groups for when I’m having a rough day and this song hit real hard when I first heard it. Coupled with the heartbreaking imagery of the video they solidified a place in my angst riddled teenage heart. Now if only they’d come perform in California so I can cry in person when they play this song.

Se7en “Come Back To Me (와줘)” March 2003
Y’ALL, Se7en with giant auburn curls, denim jean outfit AND wheelies? Get on his 2003 level. Just TRY to. When I first started listening to Se7en it was all about his signature “7” handstand dance move, Von Dutch and skinship stages with label mate Danny/Taebin of 1TYM. If you feel so inclined there’s also an English MV for “Come Back to Me oh AND a continuation MV “Come Back to Me 2” that came out 4 years later.

Chae Yeon “Two Of Us”* December 2004
Besides Horan in Clazziquai Project & Sunkyu of Jaurim I hadn’t really listened to a lot of female artists in KPOP. I guess you could say Chae Yeon was my first solo female artist and “Two of Us” was catchy, sexy and a little ridiculous. That running jump is the best.

S.E.S. “Dreams Come True”*  November 1998
Not gonna lie for the longest time I didn’t even know this was Korean music. Probably because I listened to it primarily when I watched a particular AMV (Anime Music Video) way back in high school and I was obsessed! Also yes, that AMV is on YouTube. The internet is amazing!

SG Wannabe “Crime and Punishment (죄와벌)” March 2005
Ok, so this MV is pretty long (almost 8 minutes!), but it was one of my first exposures to how melodramatic Korean media can be as I didn’t start watching kdramas until later that year.

Buzz “Coward (겁쟁이)”* March 2005
Apparently I was really big in to heart wrenching emotional ballads in 2005. I usually avoid them nowadays unless it strikes a chord with me, but I think it was the mini movie (almost 9 mins!) that is the MV that did it in for me with this song. SO dramatic!

DBSK “Hug” January 2004
Oh, Dong Bang Shin Ki. I think my first exposure to them was seeing the boys lip sync “Hug” on a radio show. So much fanservice! My teen heart couldn’t resist and the rest is history.

Rain “Instead of Saying Goodbye (안녕이란 말대신)”* September 2002
Last but far from the least, Rain’s ultra cheesy baby face doing the most with that outfit and choreography. Technically the remix (from his 2nd album) got an MV, but the original from his 1st album is the one I usually go to.

Honorable mention from our office manager/receptionist/assistant/bestie, Kathy –

Baby Vox “Why”* 2000
She just insisted on this because she loved it.


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