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Family Guy Probably Isn’t A KPOP Fan

It’s safe to say that the KPOP community flipped out when they watched the mid-season premiere of Family Guy where a pretty impressive KPOP parody was weaved into the episode’s plot. While the episode did talk a little KPOP, it was definitely more of a kdrama driven episode than anything else.

Quick rundown on the episode for those who haven’t watched it! Peter and the guys are helping Quagmire clean out some old boxes when they find VHS tapes of a Korean drama that Quagmire had starred in called Winter Summer (a play on the classics Winter Sonata and Summer Scent). They marathon the series only to discover the final episode is missing. Naturally the gang books a flight to South Korea after failing to find the drama online. They happen to run in to Sujin, Quagmire’s co-star in the kdrama (voiced by Margaret Cho), where they are introduced to KPOP and watch the finale to Winter Summer.  However upon finishing the drama Quagmire as a change of heart and wants to stay in Korea with Sujin. Peter, Joe and Cleveland then use a parody of HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” to try and convince Quagmire to come home to Quahog with them.

From what I saw and heard from my personal SNS timelines/feeds most were pretty excited to see Sistar/KPOP/kdrama culture being featured on an American TV show in spite of Family Guy‘s trademark brash comedy. But some news sites reported fans being upset at how KPOP/kdrama fans were being portrayed. Welcome to the 14th season of Family Guy a shown known for making low brow stereotypical jokes!

“Wow, that girl is hot.” – Peter
“That’s a guy.” – Quagmire
“That other guy is handsome.” – Peter
“That’s a girl.” – Quagmire
“That cat is cute.” – Peter
“That’s a dog.” – Quagmire
“What is everything?!” – Peter

Now while I’m not an expert on Family Guy I am however pretty familiar with it as a franchise and brand as I’ve been a game artist on the Family Guy mobile game for about a year and a half. The writing for this episode was well done in the sense that they did their research when it came to poking fun of the Hallyu culture as a whole. Most jokes were tame in comparison to old FG episodes but it did fall victim to the extremely lazy comedy writing of the stereotypical racist jokes such as Asians being short/having small breasts, eating dogs and rhyming Korea with gonorrhea (cue disappointing groans). What most people forget is that their target demographic is young teen boys.. and guess which type of humor they’re taught to laugh at so it’s not surprising, but just as disappointing.

What did you think of Family Guy’s Korean pop culture infused episode? Did you find it funny, offensive or mixture of the two? Comment below or tweet me @teriarchibbles!

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