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WTF is Up with Electronics for Women at CES?

While I was hanging out with my friends this weekend we started discussing the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the electronics that were targeted towards women.

Finding articles about these products were few and far between. Some were sort of lumped into odd lists and what not. Others were just about one product and not much else. Here’s one list Teri found. I’ll pick a few and talk about them from there.

First Response Pregnancy PRO ($20) – Well, if you ever wanted to pee on a stick and interact with your phone while you find out if you will bringing a spawn into this world, this is the way to go. I personally think this is ridiculous. IT IS TWENTY DOLLARS! On the other hand, we live in the age of silly technology and we really can’t stop apps coupled with tech products. I mean, if you ever want to have another use for Bluetooth besides your car, am I right? Also, it’s so PINK.

OhMiBod Lovelife Krush ($129) – Oh, an interactive Kegel exercise thing and toy? Another app with a product designed to either help with Kegels or connect with your partner via app in a pleasurable way. That’s interesting, but is there a male version? If so, is it bright blue?

Babypod ($135) – Apparently when targeting women, it has to be about sex and babies. This is basically an earbud for your vagina so your fetus can listen to your horrible music (or record inspiration quotes and dreams) you want to project onto it before being birthed. Yes, we all thought about headphones, but this is supposed to be clearer. Okay… and it is wired. So it is not like you can casually hang with it unless you want to explain why a cord is coming out of your pants.

Do better stuff for women tech and electronic companies. Not everything we want should be pink or blinged out.

Anything else you found interesting at CES? Tell me about it below or tweet @cherylfornia

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