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Infinite Comes Back for “Infinite Effect” in L.A.

“Infinite Effect” Los Angeles | January 10, 2016

The last time I saw Infinite was the fall of 2013 for their One Great Step tour. It was one of the first shows KandyKandy had the opportunity to cover and it was unexpectedly one that we enjoyed a lot. So much so that we couldn’t understand why more fans weren’t there. I say this as we didn’t necessarily plan to go to this show. I inquired about media late and even in our visit to Los Angeles, it wasn’t a priority to go. As you can probably tell by now we went and we’re happy that we did.


Now speaking for myself, I have found the tiny flaw in Infinite’s early work was their discography. They tend to have fantastic singles, but the rest of the albums were just not very fitting. One Great Step was not cohesive in that retrospect. For Infinite Effect, it was loads better. The flow of their set list was pretty brilliant and it all had to do with more singles, sub units and the solos. Quick note: they had a live band as well!

When I recall seeing them for the first time, it was all about their vocals. Yes, their choreography is fantastic and still one the the best groups to see perform, but to handle the live singing with it is still incredible. They continue to do this even better than before.

As with some KPOP concerts, fanservice can get a little crazy. Infinite was no exception. The band takes phones from fans and does almost perfect selcas. We all see them post concert and I am beginning to think Woollim trains them in how to take photos with different phone brands. The guys also went out into the crowd which was actually kind of scary. Think zombie attacks. I don’t think security was communicated well and we found out one of our friends had to leave early because she was assisted out of the frenzy after being trampled on. This is not the first time I have seen a disconnect with venue security and KPOP concert management.

Please do better for the safety of the fans.

As the show winded down, they came out with “Back,” “The Chaser” and “Bad.” I thought “Back” was absolutely stunning live. Probably the best song to ever showcase their vocals and choreography together. Then following it up with the latter songs, it was powerful and oddly unexpected. Who ends a concert like that on a huge high note? I was ready for it to be done. I was impressed and happy.

Well, then there was the encore. I was a little apprehensive with this, then “Come Back Again” started and you know what, just impress me again and again Infinite! Unfortunately, after that, they did an extended talk (13 minutes!). Don’t get me wrong, I like hearing idols talk with the audience, but after those songs it was like a full stop happened. They finally finished off with the ballad “Together.” It was wonderfully done, but I felt a little like a balloon with the air let out. Thankfully, I needed to catch my breath after 2 hours of Infinite. Well worth it.

Infinite Effect continues onto Mexico City on January 13th, Santiago on 16th and ending on this side of the world with New York on the 19th.

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