My Top KDRAMA Shows of 2015 Part 2

I’m going to be honest and say that I have been taking in some of these top kdrama posts a little too lazily because of the holidays. I got part 1 up, but didn’t do details until later. In fact, I did that with a few posts. Here’s the top half of my favorites. Thanks for sticking through it all!

Sassy Go Go – I haven’t been super impressed with Jung Eun Ji, but then again I haven’t seen Reply 1997 and I have memories of Trot LoversShe was delightful though as the spirited and spunky Yun Doo. I think some critics of the drama completely missed the important parts. We had a major broadcast network have a drama that touched upon class influences, self-harm, suicide and relationships all within a school. Then we had my favorite bromance of Lee Won Geun & Ji Soo. I think it all played off very well in this 12 episode format that some dramas have been experimenting with. Plus, after all my bitching about Kim Ji Seok having a supporting role, his moment was simply great.
TIDBIT: Idol actor N of VIXX played a great best friend character that STAYED platonic.

Twenty Again – Have I talked about this too much? I just love dramas that center around a woman really prevailing. Yes, we have dramas that have women get it all, but I think the ride usually weighs on a masculine influence. Not that it doesn’t make for a good story sometimes, but the beauty of Twenty Again was that Choi Ji Woo‘s character, No Ra, finds her strength within herself and grows from it. She defies the ageist comments and bullying. She blooms into own after years of buckling down from her ex-husband. It’s roles like these that are few and far between and I love that Ji Woo was the actress for it. She shined. She became someone people could look up to.
TIDBIT: No Young Hak playing her “oppa” was such a cheeky way to make fun of the age honorifics.

Hogu’s Love – This is such a sweet sweet testament on falling in love as a partner and as a parent. Choi Woo Sik is one of the busier actors out there, but this was a lead role that played on his strengths as someone funny and a little dorky. The key moments of him with UEE went from awkward to friendly to more and I love that they played it off with emotions all tangled up. Another great thing was seeing Woo Sik’s character become a father to a child that wasn’t his. Now I know that’s not much, but watching the bond happen made it feel believable. He became this child’s dad. I absolutely love seeing that.
TIDBIT: I still remember Choi Jae Hwan from Pasta years ago. He’s still funny and totally athletic.

Heard it Through the Grapevine – Kind of the dark horse of the bunch, even though it had good ratings. It wasn’t necessarily a common drama for the younger international kdrama watchers, but it was dark and funny with a fantastic cast as well. Rich boy Han In Sang (Lee Joon) and poor girl Seo Bom (Go Ah Sung) fall in love without knowing their backgrounds and a child is conceived. They marry and work hard to stay together, become educated and live in love. Yoo Joon Sang & Yoo Ho Jung play In Sang’s parents with such utter hilarity and pompousness sometimes. Their comedic moments tied into some of the show’s serious moments with epic timing. It was glorious.
TIDBIT: Like the director and screenwriter’s last drama Secret Love Affair, music is like a supporting actor.

Falling For Innocence – Couple in love. The man dies. His heart goes to a guy who doesn’t deserve it. As luck would have it, he inherits the man’s feelings of love. Guy falls for girl. Yeah. It’s been done, but has it been done with Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon? Two wonderful actors, right? Then add in Kyung Ho’s bromance biffle Yoon Hyun Min. We’re done. Done. I think this drama showcased Kyung Ho’s goofy side well. He’s shown it before, but after the stunning Heartless Cityit’s hard to see him out of a role like that. This took care of it. He played it well and as confused as So Yeon’s character was, she matched and reacted to him well.
TIDBIT: Actress Jo Eun Ji once again plays the dependable best friend and I love her.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Honorable Mentions[/typography]
Angry Mom – Yes, we might have wanted Ji Soo to get the girl, even if she was way older.
Splish Splash Love – SWEET GLORIOUS LOVE. Kim Seul Gi is stunningly cute.
Oh My Venus (January 6 finish) – *insert heart emojis here*
The Producers – Could have been a better, but I loved IU in this.

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