Our Favorite Albums of 2015

Okay, if you look at this list you really see a lot of SM Town and artists that showed up on our previous favorite singles – men (Teri/Cheryl) & women – of 2015, but we just loved these albums and you can’t stop us! Here’s our favorite KPOP albums of 2015. Or basically SM Town and some others.

ODD Married to the Music

SHINee OddMay / “Married to the MusicAugust (repackage)
The songs on top of my playlist seem to always contain SHINee. I love them. It seems that they are at the point of their career that even an okay album is still better than what is out there. Thankfully the Odd album and the repackaged Married to the Music are great and the dreamy, fun and campy tone are conveyed excellently. – Cheryl

Hands down SHINee’s 2015 album/repackage was my soundtrack to my trip to Korea and rightfully so as they dominated the streets that had shops blaring the popular hits from this year. View was great but Married to the Music won me over instantaneously. Now can we get a full SHINee World tour over to the States so we can appreciate them outside of a festival lineup? – Teri

World Wide

Jay Park ₩orld ₩ideNovember
I was only a casual listener of Jay Park’s previous efforts and I really don’t know this album came to be one of my choices. It could’ve been that crazy hot teaser with Hyuna or it could be that Cha Cha beat (boy). Still I dug this album and I made a few people get into it as well. (Hire me! I can market things!) – Cheryl

EXODUS Love Me Right

EXO ExodusMarch / “Love Me RightJune (repackage)
All jokes aside with the album name being Exodus and former member Tao leaving some time after the release, this was the first album where I felt it was really cohesive with their sound. The Love Me Right repackage featured the band as 9 and it felt like they never missed a beat. Yes, I wish they would still be OT12, but things happen and I’m glad the band is still going. – Cheryl

EXO-L’s have been through a lot the past 2 years, but EXO continues to churn out some amazing music which is why fans continue to stick around despite the ever changing roster. I do prefer Exodus over the Love Me Right repackage but part of me wishes El Dorado were the title song. But I get why Call Me Baby was and I’ve made peace with that – Teri

4 Walls

f(x) 4 WallsOctober
I mentioned dream pop with SHINee and f(x) also came into that sound. The album is pure pop. I love listening to this while driving and I have been known to put the song “Traveler” on repeat. There was an instance of a member leaving with Sulli’s departure, but again, the remaining members kept on and the promotions for this album were stylish and choreography was amazing. – Cheryl

Apparently I low-key stan f(x) because I generally love their full albums the most whenever they have a comeback compared to most girl groups. I had a hard time picking my favorite track as almost all of them left me feeling happy or just in the mood to get stuff done. But if I HAD to choose, I’d nail down Glitter, Traveler and Rude Love as my favorites. – Teri

I Will

If there was one album that I played constantly without fast forwarding any tracks this year, it was this one. FTI’s pop rock sound is just so good and comparable to Western counterparts as well. I’m always impressed with their abilities and not just Hongki’s voice. The band was a pleasure to see live earlier this year and now I want to hear this album right now because of those memories. – Cheryl

I was beyond ecstatic not only to find out FTI was releasing a full album after 3 years of mini-albums, but also because this is the kind of music the band has been waiting to play in Korea since debut. A handful of the songs are Korean versions of their Japanese singles (Black Chocolate, Time To, etc) which round out the album nicely. This was huge for them and their fans. I can’t wait to see where they go next. – Teri


Yes, Yonghwa makes songs that sound similar, but they are so catchy! Still, this album is a fun listen and I think there is nothing wrong if an album has a familiar sound. Plus, “Drunken Night” is so good and Jonghyun took part in writing it and it is my favorite of the album and I also made a phone ring tone of it. Yeah, why not? – Cheryl

CNBLUE generally puts out consistently good music, but in past albums the songs tended to mesh together for me. This album took me by surprise because I felt myself stopping whatever task I was doing while listening to make note of which song was distracting me with it’s catchy-ness. I must whole heartedly agree with Cheryl on the greatness of Drunken Night. Definitely my favorite track – Teri


Wonder Girls RebootAugust
I talked about how much I enjoyed Wonder Girl’s return in previous #KPOPmaps but I really dug the album as a whole. While they didn’t play all the instruments outside of their live performances, they did however keep the 80’s sound consistent throughout the tracklist. While I Feel You is my favorite track I highly recommend checking out Candle, One Black Night and Remember. – Teri

What was your favorite KPOP album in 2015? Tell us about it below or tweet us @cherylfornia @teriarchibbles

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