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Our Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2015

Like Twitter, Teri and I were pretty early adopters of Instagram. We absolutely love it and our accounts have amassed almost 3000 photos. A while back I even posted my favorite Los Angeles accounts here. We still enjoy it and want to share our favorite IG accounts of 2015.

NOTE: These Instagram usernames and names are current as of December 29, 2015.

Been known to have an effect on women…

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

therock @therock
I didn’t start following Dwayne Johnson on social media until earlier this year and it’s been nothing but a joy. He shares not only motivational tidbits, TBTs, pictures of his adorable puppy and family, but also love and appreciation towards his supporters via fanart reposts. – Teri


Merry Christmas everyone!

A photo posted by Lailli Mirza (@laillimirza) on

Lailli Mirza @laillimirza
Half of the Pintsized Fashionistas sisters on YouTube and the more active of the two. She’s been blogging high end fashion since she was 14 and is quite articulate and smart. Her IG is clean and has a nice small color palette. – Cheryl


홍기 이 @skullhong12
Hong Ki Lee is the lead singer of KPOP group FTISLAND and he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks and I loooove it. His IG account is mostly a series of quirky selfies you’d usually see the likes of on SnapChat, or promoting either his own endeavors or FTISLAND activities. Other times he posts things like this. – Teri


so much fun

A photo posted by cleo wade (@cleowade) on

cleo wade @cleowade
A poet|artist I found through Johnny Wujek’s IG, I love her penmanship and sometimes her short poetry is just something I want to read. I occasionally go to her profile and just read the posts for inspiration and positivity. We all need a little bit of that, right? – Cheryl


Beauty. #chaosthecat

A photo posted by Megan Nicole Dong (@sketchshark) on

Megan Nicole Dong @sketchshark
Have you ever had a weird thought? Most people do but they generally let it go after a moment. Thankfully Megan, a storyboard artist/director at Nickelodeon, draws out all of her wonderfully odd ideas on deceiving makeup, sea creaturesboobs, and her cat (as showcased above.) – Teri


NIKELAB @nikelab
I mean, it is a brand and while it is not personal, I love the aesthetic in which these NIKE collabs are presented in IG. The sacai collab is what brought this IG to my attention and it has consistently kept it there. And it also made me consider buying NIKEs again. That’s huge. – Cheryl

What were your favorite Instagram accounts of 2015? Tell us about it below or tweet us @cherylfornia @teriarchibbles! Follow us on IG, too!

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