My Top KDRAMA Shows of 2015 Part 1

I’m really bad at watching kdrama shows. I would venture to say I have dropped a lot of them this year. I even made a post about my disappointments for the year. The ones I have kept up with I really really liked. Here’s my first half, the bottom, of my Top KDRAMA Shows of 2015. Look for the second half next week!

Oh My Ghostess – Girl is possessed by ghost. Both of them fall for a chef, who is the girl’s boss. Jo Jung Suk is the chef. I like him a lot. I blame residual feelings from The King 2 Hearts (if you have seen it, you know). Park Bo Young is delightful as the girl who works for the chef. The real star for me, though, was Kim Seul Gi as the ghost. When she possessed Bo Young’s character, I still felt like I was still seeing Seul Gi. It could be that Bo Young is that good, but on the other hand, we got to know the ghost through Seul Gi. From her crazed virginal hormones to the stark realization that she was a victim and that she would eventually really leave her family behind to the afterlife. Seul Gi pulled heartstrings hard.
TIDBIT: I discovered rookie actor Kwak Shi Yang in this. Oh, he’s all types of hot.

The Lover – It’s not very often you get a Korean drama that actually pushes the envelope of sex and relationships. This show did just that. Choi Yeo Jin is one of my favorite actresses right now. When I heard she was going to be in this, I was already sold. In this, she’s in a noona romance. I love that they were real about it. The age difference and the hardships that come with it. At the same time, they showed love and how much they are willing to be together. Oh Jung Se & Ryu Hyun Kyung played an unmarried couple dealing with societal and personal issues about not being married. They were fantastic. I would watch these actors again and again.
TIDBIT: The “are they or are they not” pairing of Takuya & JoonJae was so much fun to watch.

Mask – I had been waiting to get into a Joo Ji Hoon drama since he’s been back from the military, but I just didn’t get into his previous shows (Medical Top TeamFive Fingers). Also, I’m not really into makjang* melodramas, but I loved Mask. Go figure. This drama took all the tropes and I still watched. Usually I’m on the fence with Soo Ae, but I like how she paired Ji Hoon’s Minwoo and went against Yun Jung Hoon‘s evil Suk Hoon. There were so many just plain fucked up scenarios, but damn it was campy fun. Where else can the whole household living in a mansion miraculously show up at your bedroom door in less than a minute. This show!
TIDBIT: Discovered Yoo In Young after many roles, even if she drives me crazy currently in Oh My Venus.

She Was Pretty – I wrote enough about this drama and even how much I love love love Choi Siwon. It was actually pretty entertaining through its whole run. I think if I had to nitpick something, it was how they tried to transition Siwon out (he was prepping for his military leave). He stole the drama in my opinion, but that’s not saying without him it would be bad. It would just be missing a little something. Park Seo Joon as the lead, held his own well. He’s a very charismatic actor. It is definitely good to recognize that. I do wish we delved more into his character, but the real story revolves around Hwang Jung Eum‘s role of Hye Jin. I think it is important to see a woman work hard and get recognized. It happens in dramas, but when it does, it’s more of a development rather than an achievement.
TIDBIT: Supporting actor Park Yoo Hwan is coming to his own while brother Park Yuchun is in the army.

Healer – I don’t know how I (and my friends) fell so fast and hard for Ji Chang Wook and Healer. Was is because he had some Bourne Identity/Mission Impossible tendencies? Or how freaking adorable Park Min Young was with him? No idea. Maybe because Kim Mi Kyung was so badass as a hacker? I don’t know why I’m trying to question this when it was obvious that I just loved this show and how the cute and the action worked together. I loved talking about this show online and with friends. It’s probably the one I talked about the most this year. Hell, I’m ready to talk about it again!
TIDBIT: I added the OST song “Eternal Love” to a work playlist and got a few people singing it.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]Honorable Mentions[/typography]

Pinocchio – Park Shin Hye is consistently a favorite. this proves it.
Sweden Laundry – Gotta love a little fantasy/psychic drama with a sweet cast.
Pride & Prejudice – The bromance with Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Tae Hwan was excellent.

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*makjang – a stylistic, tonal, or narrative element in dramas that chooses to play up outrageous storylines to keep viewers hooked despite how ridiculous the stories become (adultery, revenge, rape, birth secrets, fatal illnesses, and flirting with incest possibilities are some makjang favorites). [dramabeans]

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