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We List The Best Stuff & The F*#kery of KPOP in 2015

In our opinion, KPOP has been dying down in the USA. Still, there’s seemingly never a dull moment in the world of KPOP and here we list some of The Best Stuff and The Fuckery in it for 2015. We discussed this all on a road trip recently. We also played a game with EXO vocals, but that might be another story for another day.

NOTE: There will be links to click if you want to see more, but nothing embedded to play on this post. You have to choose to give them a click (I hope you do on the best ones).

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]The Best Stuff[/typography]

SMTOWN’s Wonderland Party – In the last few years, SMTOWN has had some of the best Halloween parties. This year, they launched an Instagram to highlight it and their company. We’re biased with SHINee’s Key, but TVXQ’s Max and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung were some of the other amazing costumes.

GOT7 vs. MONSTA X Dance Battle @ KCON – Well, this was a pairing that came out of the blue for us. We were just watching KCON in L.A. and then bam! GOT7 & MONSTA X come out and they are doing a dance battle and it is amazing and we want them to be besties.

Idols on V App  – South Korea didn’t want to use Periscope, so they made their own live streaming app. They gave a bunch of idols and actors phones equipped with it and a selfie stick or steadycam. Some fun & awesome ridiculousness ensued like drunk FTISLAND and EXO rambling.

BIGBANG ‘MADE’ Tour Teasers – We still have a love/hate for BIGBANG, but fuck that video teaser for their tour was damn good. It’s heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino and full clip was shown during their tour. I half expected Mr. Blonde to pop up as a special guest.

Teams We Support – First off, this is just something personal we wanted to add. We’ve been covering KPOP for a few years now and it doesn’t hurt to appreciate these people.
SubKulture Entertainment is a young production company with years of experience in the KPOP industry. We first heard of them from trusted friends and if you even know an inkling of the industry, you know sometimes this can be a rare thing. Our favorite part of SubK, their fan engagement.
For Fans From Fans is a brainchild from a few young women who wanted to help KPOP fans who didn’t have access to CDs, posters and other merchandise. When you have such a concentrated fandom, F4 has shown us that you can spread it all out and help others enjoy it as well.
KpopSavant – Admittedly we don’t watch a lot of video reaction people, but if we do, it is Baillie & Cecee (and these guys, xo). We are also friends with them and that’s just a win/win. They are articulate, funny and overall just good humans. Big things are in store for them.

[typography font=”Lobster” size=”16″ size_format=”px”]The Fuckery[/typography]

Idols Going MIA/China/Leaving – Sulli left f(x), but still acts. Tao quit EXO for China. Rain left CUBE for his own company (again). Wonder Girls come back without Sunye & Sohee, but Sunmi returns! BOM-WATCH 2015 aka MAMAsWonder Boyz formally disbands amid legal issues with Kim Chang Ryeol.

BIGBANG Members Have Sex Lives  – G-Dragon and actress Kiko Mizuhara off again/on again coupling has more dips than a roller coaster. They’re currently off, we think. Taeyang and actress Min Hyorin go public this summer after a few years of dating. She didn’t dump him after his last tattoo.

Jay Park Calls Out Koreaboo – So Hallyu “news” site Koreaboo broke a story about a “Celebrity Drug Scandal” with no names, but in their social, they pictured Jay Park & Dok2. Jay Park called them out and it was AMAZING. Koreaboo deleted their tweet and we all moved on.

Girls’ Generation Breaks Ups – Maybe it was a case of Halloweenies. Yoona in August. Taeyeon in September. Yuri in October. Doesn’t explain Tiffany in May, though. I don’t know why idol couplings causes people to lose their shit. We await the next couple to see fandoms implode.

MBLAQ’s Seungho Gets Fucked With – He was at a company dinner and was assaulted by a director. Testimonies changed and it’s stupid. Outraged fans (including us) and public decried the obvious cover up in the making. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t upset with how they are now.

WTF Is All Of This? – T.O.P’s Instagram. Speaking of which, BIGBANG’s MADE is postponed (thanks YG). SHINHWA wants to keep the color orange forever and iKON’s fans flip out. Jessi may or may not have some sort of assault thing going, but who cares, MYSPACE FOR LIFE. Some events with BTS, Eric Nam & Kim Tae Woo end up being a total shit show with lots of popcorn.

What was your best or worst of KPOP in 2015? Tell us about it below or tweet us @cherylfornia @teriarchibbles

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