Our Favorite Twitter Accounts of 2015

Oh Twitter. We’re on it a lot. I had my first account in 2008 and Teri had hers in 2009. Together, I think we may have tweeted over 180K times in the last 7 years. Holy shit! So when we have favorites, we might be a little particular to why we have them. Here are some of our favorite Twitter accounts we have kept up with the most in 2015.

NOTE: These Twitter usernames and names are current as of December 22, 2015.

Shady Kpop Facts @shadykpop
I LOVE KPOP, however I’m at the stage in my KPOP fandom where I make fun of the things I love. Shady Kpop Facts is me if I took the time to research interesting tidbits and then paired it with a snarky gif. Thanks for saving me the hassle and strictly providing the laughs!  – Teri

Franchesca Ramsey @chescaleigh
It took me a while to fully understand what Franchesca has been saying. Now I look to her when I need more knowledge about race and culture. We can’t stop learning. – Cheryl

One Pun Mom @sailorbee
I’ve been falling back in to the nostalgia hole of 90’s-00’s anime over the past year or so. Victoria’s feed gives me life in all the terrible cheesy feel good-ness of when I was enamored by anime/manga in my teens. You can also tell she loves her job which I love in turn! – Teri

bryanboy @bryanboy
A fashion blogger I have followed for years. He’s unapologetically bryanboy. I love that. His commentary on fashion, celebrity, politics and even blogging is a great dose of realness.  – Cheryl

Meghan Tonjes @meghantonjes
I haven’t been following Tonjes long (mid-late 2014) but upon discovering her podcast Adventures in Roommating (co-hosted by her roommate Keith) I’ve become a huge supporter. She not only doesn’t tolerate any type of mean spirited fuckery, she also started the #bootyrevolution, and is bomb af in general. Also Baby Margot. – Teri

The Coquette @coketweet
I followed The Coquette from Tumblr years ago. She’s remained fairly anonymous and she reminded me of some Hollywood people I knew. Plus, she can get logical shit across in less than 140. – Cheryl

What were your favorite Twitter accounts of 2015? Tell us about it below or tweet us @cherylfornia @teriarchibbles!

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