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Our Top KPOP Singles of 2015 – The Women

Can I say how hard it was for us to decide on our top KPOP singles from the girl groups and artists? It was easier for Teri and I to choose from the men. Also, I’m such a fan of Western pop music done by women, that I don’t pay a lot of attention to Korean ones. It’s not that there is a shortage, there’s a ton! Maybe too much to care. It’s also why our list has only 2 new groups. Maybe we’re just loyal to the groups we do know. If it ain’t broke… right? Here’s our list of the top KPOP singles from the women in 2015.

Wonder Girls “I Feel You” August
Wonder Girls have gone through a lot of changes over the past years with fans wondering if/when/how they’d return. Welp, Sunye and Sohee bounced and Sunmi rejoined as they came back as a 4 member group with a super fun 80’s inspired tune. People had issues with the girls “pretending” to play instruments for this comeback, but I don’t care just feel that 80’s nostalgia magic! – Teri

4MINUTE “Crazy” February
I used to not really care about 4MINUTE and I still don’t actively find their music, but they have a longevity that I tend to gravitate to with bands. Sure I don’t care for the overt sexual tones and some fashion choices, but I will play this in a car and jam to it.  – Cheryl

miss A “Only You” March
This was probably the first girl group comeback of the year that caught my attention. I really enjoy miss A and while previous comebacks left a bigger impact on me (Bad Girl Good Girl, I Don’t Need A Man, etc) Only You was too infectious not to have on repeat. Plus the video was fun and insanely saturated with pink which I don’t mind. – Teri

EXID “Ah Yeah” April
I blame boys for the reason why I listen to EXID. I used to work with a bunch of Korean guys who obsessed over their breakthrough single Up & Down. So when this song came out, there we were, on a night shift dancing to Ah Yeah and being stupid. Those are choice memories. Thank you viral video star Hani. – Cheryl

Girls’ Generation “Lion Heart” August
I LOVED the teaser images Girls’ Generation released for. I know it’s not a new concept but vintage pinup styling is always fun for me. Thankfully that styling carried over in to the video. I also appreciate the cheekiness and overall silly atmosphere for these different Lion date scenarios. – Teri

Girls’ Generation “Party” July
Girls’ Generation for a two-fer! This came out around my birthday and it mentions alcohol, so I’m pretty biased about it. Plus I really loved how the video looked with all the colors and how relaxed the band was. So many groups are all about perfection in MVs, this was just chill.  – Cheryl

Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb” September
The more I listen the more I come to accept Red Velvet as one of my top favorite girl groups. I LOVED their earlier single Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb is just as if not even more catchy. I also happened to be in Seoul during these promotions and good lord, one could not escape this song blasting from random stores. I was super okay with it. – Teri

Holy crap I love this song. I really enjoyed the Janet vibes of Automatic earlier in the year, but when this came out, I was pleasantly surprised as well. It’s a fun song and crazy ass video. The style wasn’t too carbon copied and it fit the SM Town sound that I like.  – Cheryl

f(x) “4 Walls” October
It’s really rare that f(x) doesn’t have a solid comeback. 4 Walls is no exception. I’ve had not only the title song but most of the album on loop since it released. – Teri

Despite Sulli leaving, f(x) managed to make another great album and 4 Walls was another foray into dreamy pop music that SM has been curating. The song is lush, the performances had great choreography and the fashion was on point. I loved this comeback. BRB, watching live stages. – Cheryl

Who were your favorite singles from the ladies of KPOP this year? Tell us about it below or tweet us @cherylfornia @teriarchibbles

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