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How About a Dose of Adorable with “Splish Splash Love”?

I did not expect to write this column today. I had a draft of something else and then late last night I stayed up and watched a half translated version of MBC’s episode 1 of Splish Splash Love. This web/mini drama is chock full of adorable.

Splish Splash Love / 퐁당퐁당 LOVE
Title: Pongdang Pongdang LOVE
Genre: Romance, fantasy
Episodes: 10 web / 2 network
Broadcast network: TVCast Naver / MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-12-10 to 2015-12-21 / 2015-Dec-13 to 2015-Dec-20

Kim Seul Gi as Jang Dan Bi (Student)
Yoon Doo Joon as Lee Do (King)

Seul Gi is one of my favorite young actresses right now. She stole scenes in Flower Boy Next Door and I just loved her character in Oh My GhostessDoo Joon is an idol actor that actually acts pretty well. His charm has really shown through in the Let’s Eat series and he’s just a very expressive person. Pair these two actors together and their chemistry is so so so good. Maybe too good because after 1 of the 2 network episodes aired, I’m already sad that it will come to an end a week later.

This mini also boasts a very impressive supporting cast with veteran actors like Lee Dae Yeon (who was also in Oh My Ghostess) and forever favorite father figure actor, Kim Gab Soo. Oh, there’s also rookie actor/singer Ahn Hyoseop. He’s doing quite well with the cast. Still, I sigh with all the talent on this production and the intimidation!

Even so, the tale of the present day student jumping through a puddle time portal into the Joseon era to meet the king might be silly, but it is all sorts of cute. The attraction between the king and the student is obvious, even though most everyone thinks the student is a boy. Some kdrama tropes never change, but sometimes they work well.

With just 2 episodes, we know this love story has to move fast and I’m totally here for it.
Watch Splish Splash Love on VIKI.

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