Top Viral F*#kery Stories of 2015

There are so many viral stories to report on for the year, but let’s concentrate on the fuckery of some of them and how the internet blew it all up.

NOTE: There will be links to click if you want to see more, but nothing embedded to play on this post. You have to choose to give them a click. And, as ever, this list is just according to me.

Sam and Nia – They shot to viral fame in 2014 with a video of “good looking parents” singing Frozen. It was cute (albeit annoying as well) and it hit at the right time for family friendly Youtube content for them. Then in 2015, husband Sam vlogged himself taking a pregnancy test with his wife Nia’s toilet pee water (eww) and presenting it to her as a surprise. At first it was kind of fun and adorable. Then shit hit the fan. They seem to carry on fine now, but their fame hungry stigma is still there.

Nicole and her shit – In March, there was some weird popularity contest mess with Matthew Santoro and Gunnarolla. Matthew’s girlfriend at the time was Nicole Arbour and together they made and deleted a video which was all over the place. A few months later, the now single Nicole makes another problematic video and the glorious Meghan Tonjes calls it out. It’s not the first time Meghan has done this, but you can be sure it gets heard. The community listens. Discussions are had. Nicole is still vapid.

Sam Pepper – I don’t want to talk about him really.

Kylie Jenner Challenge – Sweet shisus this dumbass hashtag and subsequent videos that followed.  If there was anything to highlight what is wrong with kids these days, it was this. I’m lucky my friends are not into that whole family. I also didn’t know anyone who tried this because they all at least have two brain cells to rub together. If only someone in that family (that’s not a toddler or young kid) would calm their shit and be about 2% real. Alas, nope. Not happening. Kylie just released some lipsticks (was this all a part of a plan?) that was only allowed for review with a few magazines. I watch a lot of Youtube Beauty Gurus and I would have like some reviews with them first. To me that adds legitimacy to a brand in the social network sphere, but this is Kylie. She and her fam gives no fucks.

Rachel Dozenal – The former president of a NAACP chapter and civil rights leader had an epic downfall because she made a carefully crafted façade of a black woman when she was in fact, white. Her parents spoke out about this in June and the reaction was swift. The internet was alive with reactions and memes. And through all that time, she never acknowledged her ethnicity until November, but maintains that she identifies as black. Recently some glamour photos of her went viral. And I need to scrub my eyes out.

The Death of Cecil the Lion – American dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil with the assumption it was done legally (papers were legal). The lion was a part of 2 prides and was currently being studied by the University of Oxford. Cecil was well known with tourists, but relatively unknown in Zimbabwe. Still when it was discovered online and photos of Palmer and the lion were released, the public onslaught was filled with anger. Jimmy Kimmel got involved. The Yelp profile of Palmer’s practice got hit with negative reviews having nothing to do with the office (I hate when this happens). People also vandalized Palmer’s properties and threatened his family. Here’s the thing, hunting is a strange thing to post about online. So how about NOT doing it.

Donald Trump – I don’t want to talk about him either.

Any viral fuckery you were irritated with? Tell me below or tweet me @cherylfornia (follow on Snapchat with the same name).

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