My Top Korean Drama Comebacks of 2015

A comeback to the Korean drama world is something that happens quite often with men because of the mandatory military service, but more often than not, actors and actresses take time off from the tube and head to the big screen. Still, when they come back to the little screen, it is a big deal. Here are a few of my favorite Korean drama comebacks and the shows they were in.

Go Ah SungGo Ah Sung Heard It Through The Grapevine [SBS]
Ah Sung’s last drama was 2010’s God of Study as a supporting role as a student. In Grapevine, she’s a student once again, but also a mother. It’s a very well written role for a woman. She’s independent, sassy and wonderfully smart. Paired with former idol Lee Joon as her husband, she plays the role with emotion and strength not normally seen even in adult roles. I adored their support for each other’s characters and Ah Sung absolutely shined.

Choi SiwonChoi Siwon – She Was Pretty [MBC]
You guys know how much I loved Siwon in this. He was glorious. As an idol, he didn’t sit around dormant since his last major Korean drama (The King of Dramas 2012), but most of us didn’t know how much we missed his acting until he had a cameo in Masked Prosecutor. At first I was okay with him being the goofy second lead, but suddenly he became more than that. Currently in the army, I am more than happy to wait until he comes back. He’s worth it.

Moon Geun YoungMoon Geun Young – The Village: Achiara’s Secret [SBS]
I have to be honest, I’m always wishy washy when it comes to Geun Young’s work. Sometimes I find her status as an actress to be overrated. I skipped Goddess of Fire because her previous dramas were not great. It had a cast I loved (Kim Bum and Lee Sang Yoon!), but I just couldn’t risk it. Now, I haven’t finished The Village, but it has been great so far and it is enough for me to look forward to her next project. Bring it on Moon Geun Young!

Kim BumKim Bum – Hidden Identity [tvN]
Speaking of Kim Bum (and Geun Young’s ex/Goddess co-star), he’s another fantastic actor where you notice when he’s not working in a Korean drama. I have my hunches about his reputation, but his acting trumps that for now. I’m still a devotee of most of the Korean F4 and if Kim Bum has a drama, I’ll either watch it or keep it in a queue because I enjoy his acting so much, I’ll rewatch episodes. Yes, even out of order. Let’s hope he gets another drama in before the army.

Any comebacks you enjoyed? I say enjoy because I was going to mention Hyun Bin, but we all know how that went. Comment below or tweet me @cherylfornia!

FYI, I was going to add Jo Jung Suk and Ji Sung, but I wanted to even out the actors. I did think about them though!

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