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Cheryl’s Top KPOP Singles of 2015 – The Men

Picking my favorite top KPOP singles of 2015 was a little hard. I asked opinions from my friends and then shot them down and then reevaluated and came up with this heavily biased list. It IS my list, so I can do what I want. I present to you in no particular order, my Top KPOP Singles of 2015 – The Men!

EXO “Love Me Right” June
EXO is easily one of my favorite bands. Maybe because they remind me of the whole boy group persona. Maybe it’s because their shit is damn catchy. Maybe it is because after the departure of 3 members, they kept going, barely missing a beat. This was their first single as 9 and I loved them right. Totally intended.

Jay Park feat. Okasian “뻔하잖아 You Know” November
Jay Park was seemingly everywhere in 2015. He popped up on tracks, did Show Me The Money 4, did a nice OST song and squeezed in an album with this hot ass track. I don’t even care that there was a dead pig in the MV, I just want a full dance version with Hyuna.

SHINee “View” May
SHINee came back with a vengeance this year. I was pleased with the solos from Taemin and Jonghyun . Then this comes out with the full album Odd” and it pretty much made everyone realize that they are seasoned pros at this KPOP game and we’re all players in it. I also want to chill with them at a party.

FTISLAND “Pray” March
FTISLAND took FOREVER to release an album and when they did, I listened to it for a good 3 weeks. Solid. This single reminded me so much of 30 Seconds to Mars work. I ADORED it. FTI was a band I missed terribly, even though they were on shows, I wanted the music. And I got it.

2PM “My House” June
2PM almost passed right by me with this. I sort of ignored them for a while. I’m a bad semi-hottest. Then I caught up with Taecyeon on 3 Meals A Day and suddenly I was like, HELL YEAH I WANT TO GO TO YOUR HOUSE. Can Taec cook me food? Will Khun be there? Will they all? BRB buying them a house.

CNBLUE “Cinderella” September
CNBLUE almost didn’t make the cut. Then I listened to the song again and realized I almost knew the whole thing by heart. Well, damn Yonghwa and his catchy ass hooks and his face. I kind of wish they released another song from their 2gether album, but I’m not going to bitch. I still love this.

GOT7 “니가 하면 (If You Do)” September
GOT7 let me count the ways. Or rather, how many times I heard my friend play this and every stage before I finally gave in. I tried not to, but I did. I don’t like how JYP plays the innocent concept with “Just Right” and then follows up with this hot ass track. You toy with my feelings! I like this song more though.

Who were your favorite singles from the boys of KPOP this year? Tell us about it below or tweet me @cherylfornia.

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