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KDRAMA Disappointments of 2015 – The Shows

I’m on track to finish over 20 KDRAMAs this year. In the course of the year, I have dropped over 10 of them. That’s a lot of dramas and there have definitely been some disappointing ones. Here are some that stood out for me in 2015.

My Love Eundong – Where can I start with this? I love love love the idea of a melo fated love, but this had some very problematic issues that were mental abuse by elders and possessiveness that was downright Edward Cullen-like. I was impressed with the young actors, Lee Ja In and GOT7’s Jr., which despite their age difference, played the lead couple in a very age appropriate way. Still, the drama as a whole got so meh and deflated by the middle that I just wanted it to end.

Let’s Eat 2 – I adored the first Let’s Eat. Yoon Dujun was spirited and likeable. He remained so in the second season, but why did we get another season? The cast was fine, but when all the food porn wasn’t enough to keep my attention, you know something is up. They took entirely too many queues from the first show, but only kept one actor. It was a bit bizarre.

The Family is Coming – I have a problem with staying dedicated to attractive actors because I totally fell for Jin Yi Han when he was in that shit show Secret Hotel. So of course I had to watch this because he was mainly adorable in SH, but I should have known better. The story was about a rich grandma who sets up her estranged family with a game to win her inheritance. Yi Han plays the smart, but unambitious grandson. He’s so cute with Park Won Sook who plays the matriarch, but all the cute couldn’t save this.

Warm and Cozy – This was when I had to admit that the Hong Sisters might have lost their touch. Sure I like a lot of their work, but now I feel like when they are up for a drama, I have to be more wary of them. This drama was just, how can I say it, fucking boring. There. I’m okay now. I should rewatch a drama I liked from them to remember the good times. Or maybe I keep recalling Big and that upsets me.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend – No Min Woo is another actor that I keep following and hoping he will be back to the glory of when I discovered him in Pasta. The main problem with this drama was that it was really immature. I don’t know why it is a thing to have adults act stupid in mature situations. I did enjoy looking at Yoon Hak, but I need to get out of following actors and follow stories. Oh, let’s be real, where’s the fun in all that?

Which KDRAMA disappointed you this year? Comment below or tweet me @cherylfornia!

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