You Should Listen to These KPOP Collabs

In the land of KPOP, I think they almost make doing collaborations and features on purpose so that they can never perform them live except for special events. I also think it is a residual effect of all the popular western collabs. It makes sense, pair up two popular acts and you have chart gold and nearly impossible concert dreams. Though some acts do make the music shows together, I wanted to at least show their MVs because sometimes we get some creative ones or we just want to hear the songs over and over.

Clazzi with Seulong of 2AM “How We Feel” 2011
DJ Clazzi is the mastermind behind Clazziquai Project and one of my favorite producers in music. If there is anyone that should try to do more out of Korea, it’s him. This song has Seulong of 2AM and while he normally does ballads with them, branching off with this synth pop track was pretty awesome.

BIGBANG & 2NE1 “Lollipop” 2009
I mean, BIGBANG and 2NE1 in all their crayola vomit glory. This song was also an ad for this fancy LG flip phone called, you guessed it, Lollipop. You can’t tell me this song isn’t infectious as fuck. I’m pretty sure it has logged a few hundred plays on my old iTunes.

Bang Yong Guk with Yoseob of BEAST “I Remember” 2011
In B.A.P‘s pre-debut days, they introduced three members of the band. One of which was Bang Yong Guk, the leader and main rapper. Now I don’t know how Yoseob got involved, but check the MV out for Park Seo Joon. I totally forgot he was in it.

Crush featuring Gaeko of Dynamic Duo “Hug Me” 2014
Crush is basically a Korean R&B wunderkind. I have to hand it to Dynamic Duo for having him on their label and doing music like this. He basically has one of his bosses feature on this track and it works. Even with the word play it’s great, because who really wants hug with this music. Let’s be real.

Brian Joo featuring Tiger JK “Let This Die” 2012
I remember enjoying the music show stages of this song because Brian Joo just sounded great, but something was missing and it was Tiger JK. Then I saw a stage with him and he just adds a certain coolness. I can’t explain it. You see it in the MV (hello future VIXX). It also shows up on stage.

Henry featuring Amber of f(x) “1-4-3 (I Love You)” 2013
Musical prodigy Super Junior M‘s Henry had been milling around the KPOP basement for years. I thought it was fine because it seemed creating music was a priority and he was doing just that. Then he released his mini and it was great. He even got Amber in on it. What’s not to love?

I’m sure there are more collabs, like everyone featuring Zion T or everyone else with Jay Park. Still, what are your favorites? Tell us about it below or tweet me @cherylfornia.

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