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REVIEW: Block B Visits The City #BlockBinSF

Block B in SFBlock B started their three city Blockbuster 2015 U.S. Tour in San Francisco on November 11, 2015. This was a little bit of a risky move, since Block B as a band has not had any major promotions in over a year, but they came off a fantastic stage at KCON Los Angeles in August, so it seemed like a good idea to finally bring them back for a full concert.

The crowd was small and a bit different than the ones I have interacted with in Los Angeles shows. I couldn’t really put a finger on it, but I chalked it up to a certain demographic. It was not bad, but it made for an interesting audience.

Block B in SFThe Block B show was, for lack of a more interesting word, very good. It wasn’t great, but definitely had some great moments. They played their hits which are almost made to be done live. It had a blend of the band performing and feeding off the fans, which is great. Sometimes you’ll see a band perform AT the audience and that gets old quick. They never did that. The fan service though, was not much, but there were some funny moments like when Zico called out a fan for saying he was sexy.

Unfortunately I didn’t care for some of the lesser known songs, old video montages (at least they were subtitled) and kind of silly movie quote segues. I thought the sub-unit of BASTARZ (P.O, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb) was surprisingly amazing. It made me want more from those three. A little while later, Zico did “Okey Dokey” and it was great to see and hear it with him. I did find it a little odd since it was a duo with Show Me the Money‘s contestant (and WINNER member) Song Mino. It just would have been nice to take this opportunity to perform his new single “Boys and Girls” since it has been doing well, but it’s just another missed opportunity.

Block B in SFI think if this show came last year, we would have had a more enthusiastic showing. Or maybe if Jaehyo wasn’t still recovering from his knee surgery, we’d see them more cohesive. I imagine the dancer that took his place was appreciating the opportunity. He did excellently. Now, this was the first of the shows and I expected the band members to be a little tired from travel. They did well despite that. I just wish there was a little momentum with them being here. For me, because of that, I focused a lot on Zico. That was pretty easy since I have enjoyed his work a lot lately (I also blame the black hair, which I like more than the blonde he changed to later).

I’m not going to lie though. “HER” was awesome. So awesome that I’m not even that mad that “LOL” wasn’t on the set list.

Hopefully the next time they come out, we will hear new stuff. If this show is any indication, it will be more than very very good.

I also want to mention how impressive SubKulture Entertainment was in producing this show. I know KPOP fans are very enthusiastic and they seemed to keep things pretty organized. The volunteers were great, too! Thank you SubK!

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