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Block B is Coming, So Here’s an MV Refresher

Okay, I’ll be honest, it’s kind of been a while since I’ve kept up with Block B. They were unexpectedly a highlight for me at KCON L.A. 2015 and I was little surprised they were coming back so soon for a mini tour in the USA this month. Not a bad surprise though. If their stage at KCON was any indication of what to expect, it will be a great concert.

Since they haven’t had any major promotions in over a year as a group, let’s refresh ourselves with some of their releases because why the fuck not?*

“Freeze” 2011
Cho PD created the group, who were also mentored by other Korean hip hop artists. Their debut single wasn’t without controversy though. At first it was banned on TV and could not be sold to minors. They eventually edited the song (a few times).

“Wanna B” 2011
This was teased, but I couldn’t find an MV. It doesn’t matter, this song is great. I definitely like it a lot better than “Tell Them,” which was the last single they would release from the debut year.

“NalinA” 2012
This song is SO good live. It’s totally catchy and has that “goo goo ga ga” hook that just gets you. The heavily touted track (1 out of 100, top engineer, rising producers, etc.) kind of lived up to the hype. And yes, even though “LoL” didn’t get promoted, I forgive them for at least getting me to notice it through this song.

This MV had a modern pirate concept. Yes, I know, Zico‘s hair. Forget that though. It was the only promoted single from their 1st full album, BlockbusterAs a whole, the LP was great to me, even impressive. Zico had a big part in writing the album and for a 20 year old, that was pretty huge. It certainly paved the way for future collabs and projects.

“Very Good” 2013
They felt the need to do a dance and close up version of this MV and I don’t hate that. It’s fun and crazy. I couldn’t help with the comparison to BIGBANG’s MV concepts and that’s probably why I enjoyed these so much. Coupled with a very good song, Block B also survived going to a new label. It’s not an easy feat considering some of the drama that happened behind the scenes, but they made it in tact.

“HER” 2014
You guys, even though the talented starlet Kim Sae-ron was in the comeback MV for “Jackpot” on the H.E.R mini album, this MV was better. You want to know why? Besides being catchy as fuck and all my friends were into it the summer of 2014, there was an ostrich. That’s a win/win.

And I couldn’t end this without mentioning these MVs.

“Zero for Conduct” 2015 – BASTARZ
Sub-unit! This featured P.O, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb with a song produced by Zico. I mean, you can almost call it another Block B single, but it wasn’t.

“Boys and Girls” 2015 – Zico featuring Babylon
I’m actually kind of surprised Zico hasn’t gone on a long vacation yet because he’s been pretty much working non-stop in 2015. He’s even been in three of my favorite songs of the year: “Oasis” by Crush, “Dark Panda” with Hyolyn & Paloalto and “Traveler” by f(x). Now we have his latest single with Babylon. I mean, I hope he gets some fun time and rest in when he comes to the U.S., okay?


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*because why the fuck not? – originated with a BIGBANG post and I am going to make it a thing now.


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