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So You Want to Watch a Kdrama with an Idol Actress?

A while back I did a post on idols who took their chances on acting and made it out alive. Well, how about an idol actress? Almost as much as their male counterpart, female idols get criticized for their acting. Sometimes more. Most of the time (for both) though, judgement is fast and swift after just a handful of episodes. I guess if you’re successful as an idol, acting is a piece of cake right? Luck of the draw really. I usually don’t judge idols’ work until the third or fourth project. I like to be fair because pretty only goes so far for these idols. Here’s 3 actresses that I have enjoyed and shows I liked them in. Having one name might not hurt as well (totally a coincidence!).

UEEHo Goo’s Love 호구의 사랑
IDOL: UEE of After School
Also known as: Ho Gu’s Love / Fool’s Love / Fool for You
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2015-Feb-09 to 2015-Mar-31

UEE’s acting career has steadily grown in the last 5 years. She’s been consistently doing lead roles and doing them well. I didn’t start watching her until Gold Rainbow which I dropped because the storyline went in a direction I didn’t care for. It took me over 20 episodes to give up and part of the reason why I stayed so long was because of her. So it was a no brainer to watch her comeback drama, Ho Goo’s Love.

With some athletic ability, she was quite believable as an accomplished nationally known swimmer. The real test was when her character Do Hee becomes pregnant and tries to live with the complications, both as a mother and as a woman. There are some sensitive scenes of someone who has her career specially crafted for her (sounds like an idol, right?) and just wanting to escape it all. UEE was impressive and I wanted her to win not only in swimming, but in life.
Watch Hogoo’s Love on DRAMAFEVER.

Jung Eun JiSassy Go Go 발칙하게 고고
IDOL: Jung Eun Ji of Apink
Also known as: Cheer Up!
Genre: School
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-05 to 2015-Nov-10

I’ll be straight up, I find Eun Ji to be kind of forgettable on her own, but put her with some great actors and I get why people like her. I didn’t watch much of Reply 1997but I did catch her in That Winter, the Wind BlowsShe was in the main cast with Jo In SungSong Hye Kyo and Kim Bum. I mean, COME ON, right? That cast glowed (yes, director Kim Kyu Tae had something to do with that, but still!). She was then cast as lead in Trot Lovers. I didn’t like that drama, but I stuck with it because I knew a few other people who were watching and us drama fans like to suffer together. Just forget that and go with Sassy Go Go. 

This drama showcases what I like about Eun Ji. She has the ability to show a great amount of emotion that is perfect for a scene. I believe her to be kind and honest, much like how veteran actress Kim Yeo Jin plays her mother. That was just great casting right there (and a reunion since she was in Trot Lovers, too). Another great thing about Eun Ji in SGG is that she’s just so good as a heroine. You want to cheer (haha) for her. You want to have her sense of nobility and loyalty. And I can’t picture another actress in her place.
Watch Sassy Go Go on VIKI.

IUProducer 프로듀사
Also known as: The Producers
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-May-15 to 2015-Jun-20

The rise of IU in dramas was kind of interesting. She won hearts in Dream High as half of the OoYoo (milky) couple, but didn’t do much until she got a part in the popular daily Lee Soon Shin is the Best and became the “nation’s little sister” of South Korea. I’m not one for dailies, but I tried watching her next drama, Bel Amiwhich I dropped (do you sense a pattern?). I did not give up on her, when the Producer was announced, I was in.

The cast was impressive for Producer, but IU’s character of the emotionally broken idol Cindy was something that intrigued me. Her music isn’t necessarily of an idol, but to see IU play a pop idol was surprisingly good. To have that character go from a caged bird to a free spirit was fun to watch. Even if the drama sort of lost some steam, the acting was great from the whole cast. And who would have thought an umbrella would mean so much?
Watch Producer on VIKI.

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