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​Choi Siwon has Stolen “She Was Pretty”

I think in the back of my head I knew Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon was going to make an impact on She Was Pretty. I just didn’t think he’d steal the damn show.

Choi Siwon in Oh! My LadyI talked about him before in my actor idol post and I gushed about his cuteness in 2010’s delightful Oh! My Lady. The lead role (his first) of a cocky top star who finds out he’s a young father of a toddler wasn’t common for an actor, much less an idol. This was a noona romance though and having a hot commodity head it up was a great choice for the genre. His group was riding a wave of popularity from their insanely infectious song “Sorry Sorry” and he was pulling double duty recording their follow up while filming. Still, he proved that he could do both and do it well. The drama did decently, even securing Siwon another lead in the action drama Poseidon later in the year. Super Junior’s “Bonamana” was a #1 hit immediately after Oh!My Lady wrapped. Not too bad for someone who was just turning 24.
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Choi Siwon - The King of DramasIt would be another 2 years before we would see Siwon in another Korean drama. This time he played ANOTHER cocky top star, but as a second lead/supporting in The King of Dramas. He often did scenes with humorous results and faces. Oh his faces. It seemed the silly expressions he has made were now a part of his comedic persona. Which was fine because he did it so well. At this point, I thought some people didn’t take him seriously as an actor. He had several major roles under his belt, but still had that slight stigma of being just an idol actor. He proceeded to take a break from acting and we wouldn’t see him again until this year.
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Now I could go into further details of Siwon’s cameo in Masked Prosecutor, but just know that I never finished the drama. I adore Kim Sun Ah, but I just didn’t have time for it. I did have time for Siwon’s cameo, which was hilarious.

With She Was Pretty looking to end in the second week of November, I’m conflicted. After 13 episodes, Siwon has turned his cute and funny Shin Hyuk character into someone who has made the leading couple boring. It’s not Park Seo Joon or Hwang Jung Eum‘s fault, it’s just Siwon happened to get this role and made it into something so great, so emotional and so multifaceted. It’s bittersweet not only for the drama, but for his career. We’ll soon see him off for his mandatory military service for South Korea. And really, what a way to finish this chapter of his acting career on a high note.
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