KPOP Snapchat Accounts to Check Out

With my a recent TECHish post about my fave Snapchat accounts, I figured, why not throw in some KPOP Snapchat ones. The social network site (SNS) seems to be catching on in South Korea within the last year and idols have followed suit. Here are a some to check out. [NOTE: Bold is the Snapchat account name. Snapcodes are provided if available. Just point your Snapchat app to it and tap.]

B.Joo – Brian Joo is one half of veteran duo Fly to the Sky and a Crossfit athlete. His snaps are almost all in English which appeals to his international fanbase. He’s very active across all his SNS accounts.

ajol.0918f(x)‘s Amber Liu has recently been enjoying all the new face filters on Snapchat. I mean, we all have pretty much played with them, so why not, right? She’s also active on SNS and just recently opened a Youtube with her friend Scott called What the Pineapple! (We featured a vid on a TECHish.)

Eric Nam

EricNam – Solo artist and emcee Eric Nam has been all over SNS. He did dabble in Periscope for a hot second of mukbang casts, but has recently been using Naver’s V app. I’m not going to deny it, he’s really good at social. His sporadic snaps are fun.

therealminnn Min of miss A started her account around the same time she had a show with model Irene Kim. I used to follow her and the glimpses were interesting. I’m not sure if she’s still on there. (Comment below if she is!)


callmegray GRAY is probably my favorite KPOP (I hate calling him that, but I’m saying it for the sake of being general) person on Snapchat. Here’s the thing, he does those weird selca angles as videos. I now know the process of hitting the best selca angle and he taught me that. He’s also a little bit of a troll and creeper on it with his crew. I’d say that’s using Snapchat correctly.

christianyu1 – Christian (Barom) Yu is a former member of the band C-Clown and now he’s a video director with his group Dream Perfect Regime. I’m not gonna lie, his snaps are a little bit thirst trappy at times, but I don’t hate that at all. He still seems to be the positive guy I enjoyed listening to in interviews and videos.

longlivesmdc – Simon Dominic. Simon D. AOMG. Supreme Team. Daddy. I mean, very cool guy. That’s all I have to say.

Any idols you wish were on Snapchat? Tell me below or tweet me @cherylfornia (follow on Snapchat with the same name).

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