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Chescaleigh’s “I’m A Biracial Person Who…” Snapchat Story and…

…why you should watch it. 

I mentioned Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey in a TECHish about Snapchat accounts to follow and said this about her:

She’s knowledgeable about social issues, but she’s also funny and that’s why I enjoy her on Snapchat. 

The following video is a topic that does need to be talked about more and she utilized Snapchat for this discussion by asking snapchat friends to send her videos filling in the rest of this statement: “I’m A Biracial Person Who…”

I love love love that Franchesca used Snapchat for this discussion. I liked that she included how overwhelmed she was with the response at the end of the video as well. I find that when content creators try to use social network things in different or unconventional ways, it makes for some great results. Using Snapchat and making a video for Youtube is so great. You can ask for things and share it. Extend the life of a snap, too. It’s similar to how Amanda Palmer asks her follower family for feedback. It’s amazing when you can use the community to your advantage and in the process open people’s eyes and ears. The comments of this video on Youtube are great to read as well. Honest discussions of people relating to each other. It’s almost as if they are exhaling their thoughts.

And I get it. I’m biracial (filipino and caucasian) and I sometimes struggle to see why I need to identify with something. I am well loved by my family and friends, but I sometimes I get the feeling that I should only belong with a culture at certain times. It’s the either/or thing. The “what are you?” thing. It’s like this whole mixed pot of WTF.

I’m ME. See ME. Let ME be.

Listen to ME.

Let’s be heard.

So Franchesca is everywhere! Here are some of the places you can catch her:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/chescaleigh
Facebook: http://facebook.com/chescaleigh
Tumblr: http://blog.franchesca.net
Snapchat: chescaleigh
Instagram: http://instagram.com/chescaleigh
Website: http://franchesca.net
MTV Decoded: http://bit.ly/MTVdecoded

Do you have a favorite content creator that utilizes social media well for social issues? Tell me below or tweet me @cherylfornia (follow on Snapchat with the same name).

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