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Kdrama Actors (That Make You Want To Drink) in CF Ads

I was looking at some lists for some research and for some reason thought that a lot of kdrama actors do alcohol CF (commercial film) ads. I’m aware of the drinking culture in South Korea and I get that it’s heavily advertised. I’m no stranger to going to my local sul jip/pocha in Koreatown and seeing familiar faces from dramas plastered on the walls. With that thought, how about a list of booze CFs actors have been in? Here goes!

Dara x Lee Min Ho “Kiss” MV and Cass Beer CF (2009/2010)
The chemistry between Dara & Min Ho STILL gets me today. This song was also on a 2NE1 album, but the CF was all Lee Min Ho, his hair and his everything. This was when his Boys Before Flowers popularity was insane and his guyliner was on point, too. BONUS! Name the other 2 actors in this!

Lee Soo Hyuk x Gong Hyo Jin “술값계산” Chamisul Soju CF (2014)
Model turned actor Lee Soo Hyuk was just gaining some ground in the dramaverse when he was paired up with superstar Gong Hyo Jin. This CF was cheeky and the other version featured bears. This almost makes me want to drink Chamisul again, but I know better.

Hyun Bin “Friends” Hite Beer (2005)
He’s been with the brand for over 5 years. It’s safe to say good old Binnie is the face of Hite. I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is head on beer. I don’t know why Koreans think this is cool. Stop advertising pours like that Korea. Stop it right now!

Sung Joon “End of Coolness” Dry Finish D (2012)
Another model actor, Sung Joon looks crazy in this. So did the other guy in a similar CF. I don’t know what aesthetic they were looking for, but I can’t unsee it right away. I might have to marathon a few episodes of Shut Up Flower Boy Band to wash it out of my brain.

Shin Min AhJung Kyung Ho “Just Like The First Time” Chum-Churum Soju (2015)
She’s been with the brand for a while and her CFs are pretty cute. I love her strong and sassy attitude with her campaigns as well. This one is no different except it is with Kyung Ho who can snatch hearts with his adorably cocky persona.

Jun Ji Hyun TV CF Kloud Beer (2014)
These CFs are reminiscent of the glamorous Dior and Chanel ads and what better actress to use as a representative than Ji Hyun. Yes, she’s currently pregnant, but her beauty & charm still sells beer. It has not been unnoticed because I see Kloud all over Koreatown L.A. now.

Which kdrama actors would you drink with? Who are the other actors in the Kiss MV/CF? Comment below or tweet me @cherylfornia!

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