Creepy KPOP: Monsters & Femme Fatale

monsterIt’s only a little over a week until Halloween is upon us! Lets continue our peek at some of our favorite creepy KPOP videos.

Last week we showcased some fun but spooky KPOP music videos including SHINee’s Married to the Music and Block B’s Jackpot. We also had a couple more disturbing videos which can be check out HERE. This week we’ll check out some psychologically disturbed lovers and some heartbroken monsters.

Song Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Guk “미친거니 (Going Crazy)”
The lyrics to this song are quite disturbing as it describes a woman pleading with a man to simply leave her alone. She is haunted by him following her, stalking her, obsessing over her and Bang Yong Guk’s aggressive rap asserts his delusion that he has ownership over her. Not only can this be interpreted as an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but also as Sasaeng behaviour in KPOP or worse; harassment that some women deal with on a daily basis and that is terrifying. The original music video shows the girl ending her torment by kidnapping and killing her stalker, but I find this version, that was aired on Music Bank nearly 10 months after the song debuted, to be MUCH more creepy.

BIGBANG “Monster”
This video basically makes the boys of BIGBANG into captive monsters on the verge of an escape from a high security facility. The song is a break up song and BIGBANG is not taking it well insisting they are not monsters and they tear up the place with their angsty dance moves. The piano and string instruments make for a somber feeling as they struggle to find a way out but one cannot escape their ridiculous hair and outfits. Not gonna lie though, those piano riffs made me think that this would be make for an interesting, but humorous X-Files episode.

Miss A “터치 (Touch)”
Face overlays. Monotone color schemes. Doll-like mechanical choreography. All the makings of a eerie love song. While not exactly creepy the strobe like editing and cuts give you an uneasy feeling throughout the song. Not to mention loads of lace and floral decor both blooming and dying lend very nicely to the whole gothic romance motif. All it needs is a ghost or two. Crimson Peak, anyone?

VIXX “Hyde”
Oh my, VIXX makes another appearance! Although On & On was their first splash in the dark side of the KPOP pool, Hyde is where they cannon balled in. Lots of bugs and other creepy crawlies to set the mood along with harsh eye makeup and contrasting attire to ring in that Jekyll and Hyde concept. VIXX is one of the few groups that not only nails the menacing visuals but the song also sounds just as cryptic. Now excuse me while I indulge in their talent. Just can’t control, just can’t control~

Kan Mi Youn ft Mir “미쳐가 (Crazy)”
We mentioned this video in an older post but it’s worth mentioning again. While the song doesn’t sound very creepy the video storyline has that covered with a woman holding the young man captive ala Stephen King’s Misery. Mir even gives a nod to the novel/film in his rap “You’re Misery’s Annie in the movie / Because you strangle my throat.” references the captor of the novelist, Annie Wilkes.


LR “Ghost”
What’s that VIXX has snuck their way on to the list yet again? Well technically this is just LR.. but to be even MORE technical it’s just Ravi with his eery solo although it sounds like more like a werewolf than a ghost with all of those barks.

Do you prefer more psychologically creepy KPOP MVs or more visually creepy ones? Comment below or tweet me @teriarchibbles!

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