2015 Horror Movie Challenge: Part 3

MS-CrimsonPeakGoing strong with week 3 of the Horror Movie Challenge! Hope everyone has been enjoying our MoreSpooker column as it’s been really fun to write for! I covered an array of creepy films in Part 1 but drifted more towards monsters and creatures in Part 2. This time we’ll dabble in some films that feature more demons, ghosts and possessions as well as those oh so lovable or not so lovable creepy little kids.

Friendly reminder: movies marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I’ve never seen before or are brand new to me. Unmarked titles are ones I’m rewatching.

OCT 14th: Drag Me To Hell (2009)* – [3/5 Stars]

I’ll be honest I’m more familiar with Sam Raimi’s work via the early 2000’s Spider Man trilogy and The Grudge remakes than I am with his Evil Dead work. But I do know his horror work is signature for it’s over the top violence but stays ridiculously campy. Like campy and cheesy enough to make you laugh at it’s absurdity. The multiple fight scenes and high tension moments showcase that and I was cackling. My favorite had to be the nosebleed scene where it just sprays EVERYWHERE and all over this poor girl’s boss. I won’t be adding this film to my horror collection but it’s worth a watch for the ending sequence!

OCT 15th: Crimson Peak (2015)* – [3/5 Stars]

I went and saw it with a group of coworkers who’ve been waiting years for it to come out. Meanwhile I only knew it existed 2 weeks before the premiere date. It definitely wasn’t as scary as the trailer might lead you to believe. I’m a fan of Guillermo Del Toro’s work but it felt a little drawn out for how predictable the main plot was at times. Tom Hiddleston’s acting was a highlight along with the costume and set design. This film was intensely gorgeous and used foreshadowing well but the story fell flat in the end especially if you’re familiar with Jane Eyre in general.

OCT 16th: Goodnight Mommy (2015)* – [5/5 Stars]

This film successfully made me never want to have children cause daaamn. Not sure if the twist was supposed to be a bigger deal than it was but my friends and I figured it out fairly quickly. The movie did a great job of building tension and kept you guessing as to what was real what was a dream or Elias’ imagination. Captivating cinematography and towards the end it got a touch Misery thrown in; enough where I had trouble watching the screen. I’m still not entirely sure if the mom was the real mom but it’s been fun trying to dissect the details and interpret the film. Highly recommended!

OCT 17th: Mama (2013)* – [3/5 Stars]

Another Guillero Del Toro film (yay!), although he serves as an executive producer not director in this case. This one is far more spooky than Crimson Peak but less refined aesthetically. I’d wanted to see this when it first came out in theaters are I love ghosts that are kind of animalistic when they move. Something about a person/thing that appears mostly human moving around on all fours vs upright is super unsettling to me. I wished I’d watched this movie in the dark as the film itself is mostly black/brown and TV reflections are not my friend during the daytime. Regardless I really enjoyed the reveal of the ghost’s back story but it got a little too sentimental for me towards the end so it’s a 3 instead of a 4.

OCT 18th: The Conjuring (2013)* – [4/5 Stars]
I used to watch Paranormal State almost religiously back in 2006-2009. This was my first exposure to Lorraine Warren and I was FASCINATED. So I was extremely excited to hear about this movie coming out but I never got around to seeing it. Did it live up to the hype? Was it scary? Meh. I enjoyed it, and I really liked the casting choices especially for the Warrens. Unfortunately, I feel like this movie falls victim to the “they used all the scary parts in the trailer” marketing tactic. However they didn’t overuse jump scares that’s always appreciated! I still would recommend a rental for this one as there were a few times I caught myself holding my breathe.

OCT 19th: The Exorcist (1973) – [4/5 Stars]

I have to admit I saw most of this movie when I was younger through parodies and comedies riffing on the climatic and scary parts of this film so what would’ve had a stronger impact was mostly tainted by my own flashbacks of Scary Movie 2. This was only my 2nd time seeing this film and I love it. The stark contrast of Reagan before and after she is possessed coupled with the sense of doubt and helplessness of the mother is really scary to see unfold. That crab walk down the stairs will forever haunt me.

OCT 20th: Poltergeist (1982) – [5/5 Stars]

The first time I saw this film was in 2012 and it creeped me out on the first viewing since all I’d known of it was through film or TV show parodies. This is my second time seeing it and it’s now a favorite for sure. Carol Anne is still the cutest ever! I found myself yelling at how stupid the mom was being half the time. Like “What are you doing? Go check on your daughter while your husband battles the monster tree!” Clinging to a pole and screaming doesn’t do anyone any good. Anywho, the movie has it’s flaws but like most films that Steven Spielberg has had a hand in they are extremely memorable and iconic. This post is clean.

What are some of your favorite haunting movies or ones featuring super creepy kids in them? Comment below or tweet me @teriarchibbles!

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