2015 Horror Movie Challenge: Part 2

sli1vContinuing along with the Horror Movie Challenge! Check out Part 1 for the first 6 films I watched for the challenge HERE. In Part 1 I was trying to rely mostly on Netflix streaming for my horror movie needs but I kept getting served up sequels of films I hadn’t seen yet, thrillers or just plain uninteresting “scary” movies. So I made more of a wishlist of films I’d like to see or rewatch from my own collection and also drew some inspiration from Rotten Tomatoes impressive Best Horror Movies list Hopefully one day I’ll succeed in seeing all of them but for now enjoy some supernatural and gross creature/monster reviews!

Friendly reminder: movies marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I’ve never seen before or are brand new to me. Unmarked titles are ones I’m rewatching.

OCT 7th: Chakushin Ari 2/着信アリ2/One Missed Call 2 (2005) – [3/5 Stars]

Sequels aren’t as good as the original for the most part. This one isn’t an exception but still a welcome addition to the franchise. It has less polish than the first film which is fine. However it did introduce new rules to the dreaded phone calls of death that weren’t present in the first film. That may be what hurt the movie most because characters did the same behavior in the first film but it didn’t affect their fate. It did clarify the ending to the first film but brought about more questions and a similarly confusing ending.

OCT 8th: Chakushin Ari 3 FINAL/着信アリ3 FINAL/One Missed Call 3 FINAL (2006) – [4/5 Stars]

SUKKIE. Okay so this is definitely the cheesiest of the trilogy. Plenty of overacting, bad special effects, and even more rules added to the death calls which have evolved into haunted spam text messages (Forward this or you will die). Despite all that this is my second favorite of the trilogy for how ridiculous it is especially when they tried to use the original actress for Mimiko for close up shots but she is CLEARLY no longer a tiny child anymore. So much green lighting! Also Jang Geun Suk, whom I lovingly refer to as Sukkie, plays a deaf guy and he’s adorable so there’s that.

OCT 9th: Shutter/ชัตเตอร์ กดติดวิญญาณ (2004) – [5/5 Stars]

Shutter is another favorite of mine. I probably latched on to this one because a lot of the scares reminded me of the horror survival game, Fatal Frame. This movie brought to light childhood fears I thought I’d forgotten such as someone pulling the blankets off at the foot of your bed or even just seeing an eery face in the background of an otherwise friendly photo. The main plot gets pretty tense when the twist is revealed and you end up siding with the ghost. This is yet another film that suffers from the dreaded Hollywood remake made in 2008. Once again don’t bother just watch the original.

OCT 10th: Gyo/ギョ/GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack (2012)* – [3/5 Stars]

This anime is based of one Junji Ito’s manga series which I haven’t read (yet). But based off the craziness of Uzumaki, I knew I had to check it out. Most of Ito’s works tend to be re-imagined in to live action horror films instead of anime. In this case I can see why they didn’t want to spend the budget of making realistic zombie fish and shark robots. However everything felt a little too saturated and the cheap 3D animation made it feel kind more cheesy rather than creepy and tense. It was still thoroughly disturbing though! I also read two of the minor character (that actually took up a good chunk of screen time) weren’t even in the original story. So if anything this movie made me want to read the manga even more. Also GASHUNK Shark is life.

OCT 11th: Jaws (1975)* – [4/5 Stars]

I read that Junji Ito was inspired by Jaws to make Gyo (he wanted to put a man-eating shark on land to invoke a sense of fear). I figured now would be a great time to finally check out this classic film. I thoroughly enjoyed this film even though it felt a little redundant/slow paced at times. I can see how it’d be terrifying for it’s time as I’m somewhat desensitized considering how horror movies have gradually evolved. No one can hold a candle to a solid John Williams score though, even if you haven’t seen the movie you know that theme music.

OCT 12th: Slither (2006) – [5/5 Stars]

Slither is by far one of my all time favorite creature feature horror films. Most horror comedies have a hard time balancing the two and it tends to lean more towards comedy than horror. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously but still will genuinely creep you out and be delightfully disgusting. They also knew when to use practical effects vs CGI and were able to blend the two for truly horrifying moments or to show just how absurd a situation had evolved in to. Slither’s tongue in cheek humor and amazing cast (Michael Rooker, Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Fillion to name a few) were the perfect combo. One of my favorite moments is when Banks’ character snaps and goes nuts on a zombified person & the mayor comments under his breathe “Bitch is hardcore.” Claps for James Gunn.

OCT 13th: The Fly (1986)* – [4/5 Stars]

This is one of those creature flicks I’d been dying to see but never got around to. It’s marketed as a horror film but the neurotic banter spouting from Jeff Goldblum had more cackling more often than I expected (they sure it’s not part comedy?). If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a huge fan of practical effects. The stage makeup and costume as his transformation progressed was the best/worst/super gross (naturally it won an Oscar for said effects). Also everyone obsessing over Goldblum and all those chesty low cut shirt scenes in Jurassic Park make way more sense now. My main take away from this film is definitely don’t drink and transmit.

Have any creature feature films worth checking out? What other movies should I watch next for the Horror Movie Challenge? Comment below or tweet me @teriarchibbles!

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