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How to Instagram by Scott & Amber of What the Pineapple!

You guys know how much I love Dos and Dont’s for social media. If I can post about it daily on here I would, but that’s what Twitter is for, so go there instead. Anywho, Scott & Amber of What the Pineapple! recently posted “How to Instagram” and I wanted to just leave it here and do timestamps of their points.

#1. chill with the hashtags [0:53] 
#1.5 don’t tag yourself in your own selfie [2:29]
#2 chill with the selfies [3:34]
#3 have a theme! [4:13]
#4 don’t blindly like people’s pictures (be a good follower) [5:30]
#5 post wisely!!! [6:28]
#6 be natural (be yourself!!) [7:41]
#6.5 no need to kill yourself over photoshopping [9:06]

Some good advice in a fun video. I laughed at #1.5 because Taiwanese star Jiro Wang always tags himself. WHYYYYYY? At this point I think his people don’t even bother telling him because it is too far gone. If a post doesn’t have himself tagged, something might be wrong!

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